One of, if not the most delicious, yet underrated sodas of all time.
Friend: got anything to drink?

Me: yeah, got some Mr. Pibb.

Friend: what's Mr. Pibb?

Me: Only one of the greatest fucking sodas ever created. How do you not know about Mr. Pibb?
by Potterfreak82 January 20, 2011
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A beverage, when consumed with Red Vines, equals crazy delicious. Just make sure you pack it up tight when taking it into theatres, becasue you don't want security to get suspicious.
Narnia Movie Goer 1: I have Red Vines...
Narnia Movie Goer 1: I have Mr Pibb!
Narnia Movie Goers in unison: Crazy Delicious!
Me: Double True!
by Chuz January 13, 2006
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A sexual act when you pee in another's butt.
EX 1:

Guy: So do you like Mr. Pibb?
Girl: Of course I do!
Guy: When would you like me to give you a Mr. Pibb.
Girl: Now!
Guy: Great! Cause I really have to take a piss, and your butt would be a lot more convenient than going to the bathroom.
Girl: WTF!!!

EX 2:
Guy #1: That girl is a PIBBie (AKA, she is not too hot, but I'd pee in her butt)
by Young Vaj May 9, 2008
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