Circa 1980

A single portion of Freebase Coccaine.

So named for the cracking of the initial rock, into smaller "distributable" pieces.

False origings: Crack was NOT named after a crackling sound. It does not crackle at all... it sizzles as the solid form is reduced to oil which begins to vaporize into the infamous "white cloud".

The term was originally coined on 125th Stree & St. Nickolas Ave in Harlem NY. By Craig.

The song "White Lines" by Grand master Flash & the Furious 5 was dedicated to Craig & the other 3 Base-Heads who were killed in the St. Nick Massacre.
by WhenBlackWasBeautiful September 23, 2003
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Crack killed Applejack. He jumped in, but he couldn't jump back.
by Major Rim Job July 22, 2008
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Something that is great, awesome, good.
That new Nas song is crack.
by Antoekneeo May 19, 2005
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Short for crack cocaine, usually a white powdered solid.

Also known as 'knowledge trees', among other things.
GUY 1: Lets go get some crack.
by Bobbick January 8, 2008
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(N.) A spanish noun that is used to name the most favorable or best individual
Tom: Bro, he's so good at soccer!
Lance: Bro I know, he's a crack!
by John Christopher March 17, 2017
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A smokable form of cocaine which is really cheap and gets you really high.
I got them crack rocks, five dolla, five dolla!
by Mike C! April 30, 2007
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What Tyrone Biggums buys from Martinez on the Chappelle Show.
That was the first time I ever sucked a dick for crack.
by brohamsterdam April 22, 2010
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