The word crack means that u would have sex really hard with someone
by Jjthegoatkiller223 April 20, 2022
What Tyrone Biggums buys from Martinez on the Chappelle Show.
That was the first time I ever sucked a dick for crack.
by brohamsterdam April 22, 2010
When something is extermely cool
Yo son that outfit is crack B
by ProblemChild0 October 23, 2009
A mixture of Cocaine and baking soda that people think is funny to add into conversation when it's really not.

Adding the word "crack" to any non crack related situation is NOT FUNNY.
Person One: Dude, I just tripped over my cat.
Person Two: What are you on crack?
Person One: That isn't funny, you're an asshole.
by Ilya (Kkemepobo) January 9, 2006
1) Acting crazy and talking nonsense, without making much meaning.
2) Used to describe something that is unusual or weird.
Josh was acting like crack last night at the party.
by funcrasher June 1, 2020
A word used to describe your friend(s) who are so insane that they are a drug. They even look like it. Pale as shit and mental. Yep... that’s her
Lily is the definition of cRaCK, because crack is wHaCk and so is she
by Pax stax cashx April 21, 2019
Another word for cool, and or tight
Man that Z-Ro CD was crack - That shirt is crack
by debobpe September 3, 2009