A bunch of Karens who refuse to wear masks/acknowledge the pandemics existence.
“ Man, did you see Karen cutting a hole in her mask. Just another one of those Covidiots.”
by Iggilini October 6, 2020
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Person who, in times of pandemic crises, unnecessarily hoards toilet paper and more food than a family of eight could possibly eat in a year, has no regard for the welfare of others by buying up absolutely everything, is a self serving nitwit, and likely hasn’t clue one about the actual disease. These people will, by and large, possess a herd mentality and inadvertently put the general population at risk by perpetuating mistruths, rumours, and conjecture. They will have likely voted for Trump at one time or another.
Look at that crowd of covidiots in line at the grocery store. I’ll bet they want toilet paper even though less than 5% will actually develop diarrhea for corona. Morons!
by Speiderman March 14, 2020
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Idiots who go outside without masks and gloves during stay at home orders.

Idiots who are annoyed by others for not following the stay at home order when they aren’t following it either.
To all you covidiots out there, if you don’t like wearing a mask...you really won’t like wearing a ventilator!
by KraziKingKat026 May 19, 2020
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noun: an individual who throws caution to the wind and opts to exercise comfort and freedom over infectious disease protocols and to endanger the lives of other community members who would otherwise like to contain the global virus crisis.
adjective: covidiotic
adverb: covidiotically
The covidiot wore an expression of mockery but no mask covering one's mouth and nose attempted to stand within inches of me in the checkout line at the grocery store.
by suefury June 25, 2020
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A person who avoids all COVID 19 safety precautions and does what they like, putting other people's lives in danger.
Gee! that man is coughing all over the elevator buttons, what a covidiot he is!
by Starflyte the Chicken September 29, 2020
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1) Someone untethered from reality, who thinks - they're is owning the libs, by not wearing masks and not getting vaccinated.

2) Someone who uses Google; YouTube and Facebook, to do my "own research" - to find "evidence", that confirms their bias, that vaccines are ineffective and mask mandates, for school children is government tyranny but doesn't use those same platforms, to find factual medical information, by accredited virologists and expert epidemiologists.

3) Someone who storms school board meetings and threaten board members, because they want to institute masks mandates, to prevent the spread of a deadly viral illness.

4) Someone without any education, who knows more about epidemiology, than medical doctors, who attended medical school and have advanced learning, beyond eight years medical degree.

5) Someone who is paranoid, arrogant and ignorant and would rather die, than accept, two free vaccinations - which can save them - an average $24K medical bill and/or a horrible - preventable five weeks+ hospital stay, mostly intubated and struggling to breathe.

6) Someone whose head, is so far up tRump's orange ass,

they can't get enough air thus is untethered from reality and willing to commit suicide by covid.
'Leesburg Elementary School physical education teacher Tanner Cross speaks to covIdiots at the Loudoun County School Board’s transgender student policy as well as mask and vaccine mandates during a rally Tuesday outside the school system’s administration building in Ashburn.'
by SubversiveWare October 9, 2021
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A person that has compromised cognitive faculties necessary to criticality analyze information to discover the truth about COVID19 in a world that lacks no deception (Flouride, Thimerosal, Barium, Aluminum Oxide and many other environmental toxins are contributors to this phenomenon).
When Fauci said that the masks are ineffective at preventing the spread of the virus, then months later said they are effective at preventing the spread of the virus, none of the COVIDIOTS seemed to bat one eye, they just live like lobotomized sheep.
by Get your own idea September 1, 2020
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