Their naked nose and mouth.
Fearlessly, he went into the world knowing that the so-called pandemic was a hoax to keep Trump from a second term. Let anyone challenge him in a crowded store, he was wearing the Covidiot's Facemask.
by Monkey's Dad July 28, 2020
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something that spreads faster than covid-19. people with covidiot-19 (which will be referred to as covidiots) express a firm belief that covid-19 is a hoax and masks are useless. most covidiots end up contracting covid-19
guy 1: bro did you see that karen going on about how covid is a myth on facebook?

guy 2: yeah she probably has covidiot-19
by Hehe I cheated April 27, 2021
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The Covidiots Guide to Insectualization is dark magic slowly revealing that mutations linked to the process of insectualization are present in victims of the annual seasonal viral culling.
The Covidiots Guide to Insectualization

The fungus mutates the host to suit itself. Some of these mutations leave the host susceptible to cytokine storm.

Chapter 1: Type 1 interferon pathway.
Chapter 2: Interleukin 33.

Billy GG: Why so few flu deaths?
Faust: Rona.
Billy GG: Why more than normal?
Faust: New normal. Seeding.

Faust: Do you realize what causes flaming lips?
Billy GG: T.H.R.U.S.H.?

Faust: The same procedure as last year?
Billy GG: The same procedure as every year.

Nostradamus: 2021. Order ab chao.
by Option 22 October 30, 2020
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Individuals that believe covid does not exist in the world. This also applies to individuals that choose not to participate in activities that prevent the spread of covid(and other communicable diseases).

Examples. Anti-vaccine, refusal to wear masks, will not use hand sanitizer/wash hands frequently (these people fall into the category of not washing hands after using the bathroom), and all preventative procedures in general.
When I was checking out at the store, this Covidiot was coughing all over the place.
by Skittles3333 October 8, 2022
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