medicine that deals with how disease starts and how it spreads out, as well as how to control said disease
The doctor used epidemiology to cure the killer fart.
by AceOfSpades August 5, 2005
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what happens when you don't get into med school the first time around.
I just got rejected from medical school. Oh well, there's always epidemiology.
by LJ star May 4, 2006
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lied to contact tracers about where they went and who they saw
34.7% of confirmed cases of COVID-19 had no known epidemiological link.
by JJjr December 18, 2020
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I have coined this term and it can be measured "to assess the knowledge of the doctors about the medicine and health in the social context".
Epidemiological Quotient Epi Quo can be explained like If a doctor has good knowledge about the treatment of a illness but if he/she doesnt know that what is the problem statement of that disease in the society it can be said that He/She has low Epidemiological Quotient Epi Quo. A good doctor knows the treatment and social pathology of that disease also(In other words, good in Epidemiology). eg. If doctor knows the treatment of diabetes but he doesnt know what all factors like Genetics, age, sex, socio economic status affect the chances of one getting Diabetes or what is the prevalence of it in his society then that doctor can be called that he has low epi quo. Knowing all this means Higher Epidemiological Quotient.
by Dr Chandrakant Lahariya October 29, 2005
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