People who disregard all protocols in flatting the curve around the COVID-19 outbreak (Coronavirus).

People who don't social distance, or wear masks in public.
I am at the grocery store, and cannot avoio the covidiots without their masks on and not social distancing themselves from me.
by LooseyCat April 8, 2020
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COVidiot an indivual who thinks that covid does not exist, refuses to follow any of the guidance and is a social media spam blogger by day and an anti vac protestor by night.
See that guy there with the ant vac banners he is a right COVidiot
by Pigeon pyjamas December 22, 2020
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A person who encourages social gatherings during the covid 19 pandemic when social distancing and self isolation is expected.
Why has that Covidiot assembler told all his followers to still keep coming to church?
by NoPreach March 22, 2020
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An idiot who buys toilet paper stock until 2053 in a pandemic as if it's the most precious item!
That Covidiot noun was hoarding trolleys of rolls the other day!
by exevior March 24, 2020
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Someone born in the 50s who claims to know everything about COVID-19, but learns it all from very unreliable websites and chatrooms.
My elderly uncle, a huge fan of Alex Jones, keeps calling the Coronavirus "Kung Flue" and "Wuflu" and insists he knows it is a Chinese bio-weapon designed to kill us all: what a Boomer-Covidiot!!
by YesTruthHurts March 30, 2020
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Abbreviated as "PC"

Relating to the 2020 COVID-19 virus and Covidiots:
Someone who during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, flouted public health and safety warnings, ignored common sense, decency, science, and professional advice, and now feels a need to share stories about how it (the pandemic) impacted their lives.
I can't suffer another Post-Covidiot whining about the so-called sacrifices they endured during the pandemic, as if they did something uniquely selfless by not getting sick.

Nice story, and I'm sorry you don't appreciate why groceries stopped serving free samples during the pandemic. That's so very PC of you, dumb-ass! I had a feeling you were a Covidiot when I saw you protecting your beard with a face mask.
by this is also not my real name December 8, 2020
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The stupid subhuman white supremacist racist Trumpoid fucks that are protesting the desperate attempt to slow the spread of a plague threatening the world by forging an alliance with a much more disgusting plague threatening the world.
More Branch COVIDiots were seen at the capitol steps today indignantly protesting the need to save the country from a viral outbreak
by red phillips April 19, 2020
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