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Ashburn, VA is a town in Loudoun County located between Leesburg and Sterling. The original town was built as a vacation spot for people in Washington, D.C.

But, nobody cares about that...

Today, Ashburn is an upscale planned community with some odd quirks: Despite being built by several developers, every, single, house has the same floorplan. Ashburn homes are rather large, exceeding 4,000 SqFt. Yards around these houses are smaller than the houses themselves and one can easily see into their neighbours' house as they are never more than six feet apart. No place of business is open past midnight in Ashburn, excepting gas stations. This, coupled with the youth of Ashburn's propensity for soft drugs, has caused many a drunk or stoned youth to trek to 7-11 and mill inside for at least a half-hour. Every adult in Ashburn is obsessed with fitness and is compelled to bicycle in the middle of the road regardless of whether trails are paved on both sides.
Out-of-towner: - "I had the hardest time finding your place, every house looks the same around here!"

Ashburn-er - "What do you mean?" "Our's has brick on the front"

Angry Neighbour: - "I think your son was peeping while I was changing!!!

Confused Mom: - "Our windows almost touch, we can read your newspaper when your curtains aren't drawn; I'm sure it was an accident"

Stoned Kid: - "Damn, I want a Crunchwrap Supreme!

Drunk Kid: - "Bummer dude, Taco Bell closed at midnight.

Stoned Kid: - "What's open at 1:30?

Drunk Kid: - "IHOP, 7-11...that's it

Stoned Kid: - "Slurpeeeeeeee!!1!"

Biker: - "Yay!" "I'm biking in the street!!!"

Angry Man in M6: - "What are you doing?" "Go ride the W&OD like everyone else!!!"
by White Guy on a Bike July 18, 2010
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A upper-middle class suburb of Washington D.C. where average income is $130,663 and local kids are known to be addicted to various different drugs due to excessive time and allowances.
"So where you from, ho?"
"Oh well I grew up in Ashburn, I don't know if you know it..."
"Heallz yeah I know it, dat's where all da rich crackers live"
"well... actually...
by K. Schulten November 02, 2008
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it is a rash due to friction on the posterior {booty}.....
I fell down the stairs, now my ashburn.
I had mexican food yesterday, now my ashburn.
I got an ashburn when i sat on the hot pavement.
by bellabindy September 14, 2011
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