Brain dead people who after an abundance of times hearing the health care professionals about the need for social distancing and proper hand washing continues to be oblivious of the COVID-19 pandemic. Their hoarding of goods then selling them for a profit, depriving others of vital supplies and no regard for the welfare of others.
Look at that person filling up their shopping cart with toilet paper. What a COVIDIOT.
by Tender Kisses March 22, 2020
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Covidiots are those people who refuse to take the novel coronavirus, COVID19, seriously. They do not practice social distancing. They do not stay at home. They do not cancel parties.
Amy: Why are all of those people still going to the beach for Spring Break in the middle of a global pandemic?
Toby: Because they are Covidiots.
by SpecklemyFreckle April 3, 2020
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adj, describes someone who is both stupid and very scared of being infected with the covid-19 virus.

describes someone who has been repeatedly told to avoid gatherings but still goes to long crowded lines for unnecessary reasons.

describes people in the third world who still show affection by kissing children regardless of the dangers posed by Covid-19
Person 1: This is so covidiotic. people aren't allowed to gather like that. It could lead to a disaster!
person 2: these covidiotic people. all these gatherings for toilet paper rolls.
by survivor19 March 23, 2020
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A person who thinks there is a deadly virus that kills everyone, and thus everyone needs to be scared af, wear useless masks, and stay far away from each other or better just stay home and rot, while buying shit that comes from corrupted mass media, ruining the global economy, small, and medium business, losing all possible rights and liberties in the name of "safety".
Michael is a covidiot, staying home for 3 months straight and shitting his pants.
by Spacemonkey_228 June 23, 2020
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Someone who behaves idiotically in relation to COVID-19. Will behave excessively, counter productively and contradictorily. Lacks common sense. Prone to hysteria. May power trip. Disproportionately unable to mind their own business. Believes all officials and everything heard on TV.

Wears mask AT ALL TIMES, even in shower. Accosts people alone outside, screams in their face for not wearing mask while themselves wearing ill fitting and inadequate mask.

Insists children which are already immune take the vaccine and natural immunity is conspiracy theory despite vaccines working by triggering natural immunity. Correctly asserts the virus is not like HIV which circumvents the immune system but treats it like it does.

Marvels how much of the human genome comes from retroviruses after hearing in a science program. Moments later on topic of the vaccine declares not only extremely unlikely for the RNA to end up in any of your DNA but completely impossible.

Constantly references "The Science" (tm) as a superior authority even when taking face to face with real scientists. Thinks Jill Biden is a medical doctor. Doesn't know IFR from CFR or the difference between SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19. Anything they didn't think of, haven't heard of, don't like, isn't what they are saying or don't know about is a conspiracy theory. Doesn't know statistics or mathematics yet perpetually cites random figures they can't even count to.

Someone who thinks they're clever. They're not.
Dave: Don't invite Karen to the meeting, she's a covidiot.
Steve: You mean she'll call the police when she sees there's two of us?
Dave: Yes.

Dave: Did you hear what Karen did yesterday?
Steve: No, what did she do this time?
Dave: She found some guy on Facebook who said that Ivermectin saved his life.
Dave: She then viciously attacked him for taking horse medicine.
Dave: She posted his profile on hers and got all of her friends to mass report him.
Dave: He was then banned from Facebook for violating their public health policy.
Steve: That's a bit much.
Dave: It gets worse. Turns out he was from the tropics and caught a parasite.
Dave: He was black as well.
Steve: What a Karen...
Dave: ...and a covidiot to boot!
by DeluxeFartJuiceLevelNine January 28, 2023
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A person who ignores the warnings regarding public health or safety, thus helping to further spread of the coronavirus and the rise of the COVID-19 infected people.
That covidiot opened a Covid-19 Facebook group dedicated to physically helping and interacting with people infected by coronavirus.
She's such a covidiot, she wants her kids to send cards to the elderly in a care home, because "nobody is visiting them these days".
Why do covidiots try to convince us that wearing a face mask doesn't help? Can't they realize that we are maybe trying to limit the spread of the virus, and not necessarily getting infected?
by robotfx March 29, 2020
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Someone who blindly believes all information regarding coronavirus without thinking things through for themselves.
That guy's wearing a mask in the car by himself; what a COVIDiot...
by 64_Tesseract December 22, 2020
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