cough cough is used to subtly imply that you know something that someone else doesn't. The person who it is "used on" will then begin to suspect something is suspicious with the phrase "cough cough" and will begin to wonder what it means. Mostly, "cough cough" is pronounced as a word, instead of being actually "coughed out".
Harry: "Hey, I heard Sue went out with Mark"
BoB: "oh yeah, cough cough"
Harry: *wdf, does he know something that I don't? Holy crap he's H@Rd<0R3*
by W3ND31 June 22, 2008
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Those special times when you can't say something, so you just, ya know, sort of cough...
"Yeah, he's such a,"
"Hey Son!"
"*Cough Cough*
by Your Mom's Lover In Law May 17, 2010
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Used on forums, chat, etc. to represent awkwardness, or break silence. Rarely used to actually represent coughing, unless someone is explaining how they have the flu or something.
1. Denny: So...
Angela: ...
Jo: *cough*

2. Greg: I don't feel so good :( *cough*
by Hailey Hogsworth August 27, 2005
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(n.) 1. Something you do to disguise what you're saying to mock the person spoken to. 2. A hack, splutter, clearing of the throat.

(v.) To hack, splutter, or clear the throat.

*cough*Fuckin asshole cunthead cocklicker motherfucker!cough*
by papermachete October 30, 2005
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when your not in agreement with something but the other person things you’re in agreement
Are you going for that party tomorrow night ? Cough cough
by Camzy smilz🤗 January 13, 2020
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Something that will make everyone look at you and move away from you now a days because of coronavirus
Someone: cough
Everyone:oh shit run that man had Corona
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