a) When someone acts or says something that figuratively makes you sick.

b) When someone is just wrong in general, often due to being an unpleasant or actively ignorant person.

Is pronounced like the word "coffin"
a) Person 1: *does something dumb*

Person 2: You mad coughing right now, my guy.

b) Person 1: "Hey, I'm new in town."

Person 2: "Stay away from Bob. He stays coughing and will ruin your life."
by Tha Brick is Hot April 22, 2020
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diss, dissing, dissed, owned, murked etc originated from S.A aka the prince aka the boss aka SSpecialone
raaaah nigguh is coughing hard!!
yh he definitely coughed on that nigguh
by SSpecialone March 25, 2012
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