An inevitable fact, that is constant throughout your life. However can be used to describe immense pain.
you've been dying all your life
by AidenGoBoom May 15, 2010
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1. When you are slowly approaching the state of death.

2. To be laughing so hard at something you can't breathe

3. To feel so embarrassed that you think you will die of embarrasment

4. The feeling you have when your so heartbroken or depressed. Your in so much pain, you indeed feel like you are dying.
1. He was dying of Cancer

2. When a bird pooped on Kristen's head, I was dying.

3. "When I accidently flashed the entire boys football team, I was dying."

4. When I had to let go of my first love I felt like I was dying on the inside - I was so depressed. The pain just wouldn't stop and the tears kept coming.
by trysleepingwithabrokenheart November 7, 2009
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the act of transitioning from being alive to being dead, often because of death. The second most common cause of death is looking at something unbelievably ugly, for example, nebellin or senf.
person 1:"dude why is he dead"
person 2 :" he died because he looked at nebellin"
person 1 :"makes sense, he is the most common cause of dying after all""
by linuxlinux September 30, 2020
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When you became a women and started a cycle of womenhood
My cousin is dying and got her period
by Mather turtle June 22, 2018
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The ultimate state of excitement in a person’s life before a more relaxing interlude takes place; or, a very important event not to be missed by not paying enough attention to it at the time, as, in the rush someone might inadvertently miss the moment of his own death by mistake (or, what is inherent in the process of dying, the precise moment of his death), and so would find himself in a right state because he would not quite know what to do with himself next, he being dead, as he having missed paying enough attention at the time to the second most important event in his life, which would clearly be a right kettle of fish.
Die inadvertently, my word! that would be the last thing I’d do, as dying is a thing that must be done right, even if one has not particularly managed to live well.
by Zamboozee March 27, 2011
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How you feel when your teachers have been telling you all year that failing is inevitable
My science teacher got mad at me for not doing my work when she had told me all year that I was going to fail inevitably and now I feel like dying
by Cumdog with mustard May 3, 2021
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