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The sweetest guy you will ever meet.
Very respectful and kind when it comes to relationships.
Won't push you to do anything you don't want to do.
Very good looking and tall.
Won't judge you and will think your perfect just the way you are.
Loves hard and long will fight for you.
If you know a Nathanial do let him go! Keep him close to your heart and mind!
Tori: I look so bad lol.
Nathanial: no you look perfect, love.
by Unbreakablebitch September 30, 2017
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One tough, smart, funny, brave, and adventurous kid...ready to be a man when called upon to do so.

The philosopher reasons, but the Warrior acts, or as phrased by Phil Messina, President of the prestigious Modern Warrior® “Martyrs alert the world to the presence of evil. Warriors do something about it.”
I was faced with an incredible amount of danger, but I called upon my Nathanial and kicked major butt.
by M. Bailey February 07, 2008
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A stalker that is very ugly and scary to be around all the girls run from him and all the guys want to punch him.
Oh no it's Nathanial
by Asiandude6969 October 13, 2015
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A fuckboi who will only talk to you till he gets what he wants.
Will most likely leave you for someone else( most likely a hoe)
Will say he loves you...
...but won’t mean it....
Austin:how’s your girl?
Nathanial: not with her anymore wouldn’t send nudes.
Nathanial:yeah I got a new hoe now.
by Unbreakablebitch May 28, 2018
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