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The correct pronunciation of the word Cossack in Ukrainian. In plural - Kozaky

- Kozaks are the famous Ukrainian rebel fighters
- Kozak soldier is a romantic and a violent medieval hero of Ukraine
- To be called a Kozak in Ukraine is a grand compliment

At the start of the 16th century Ukrainian peasants runaway from their masters to the uninhabited southern steppes of Ukraine and set up their infamous gangs and the Kozak State.

Those guys were crazy fighters and big time party animals. Quickly the glory about the wild and fearless rebels had spread around the Europe.

In the 1648-54 war against Poland, now the kozak army supported by the Ukrainian peasants had defeated the Polish King and took control of Ukraine and the capital Kyiv (Kiev).

Unfortunately Hetman Khmelnycky decided to ally with the Mowscow Kingdom, and as a result the Kozak statehood was finished off by the Russian Queen in 1775 and the whole country suffered from the Russian rule for three centuries.

Well known Hollywood film 'Taras Bulba' tells the story of kozak officer by the name of Taras, who kills his own son for betraying him and Ukraine after falling in love with a pretty polish chick.
Ukraine has not died yet! The Kozak blood is still running in our veins!

Pavlo, you are the REAL kozak, man!
by Anatoliy September 13, 2005
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A 23 year old male who buys games and loves a girl younger than him, while also hating anybody who talks to her more than him.
"Hey did you hear about the new guy."
"No why."
"Cause he is a complete kozak to every body."
by Bobr0ss February 27, 2017
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When given the chance to take a certain quantity of something, taking the smallest amount possible.
"Hey give me another scoop of rice - nah more than that, I don't want damn Kozak"
by DoughBoi July 01, 2015
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