adj: musicians' slang meaning ordinary or common, so-so; unimpressive.
"That restaurant was pretty B-flat; I've had better."
by Slideman October 31, 2006
A fart that has a lot of bass, as opposed to being a squeeker
Jim: Holy shit Mark, that was one stinky fart.

Mark: Yeah, it was a B Flat.
by CMBC April 8, 2011
A b flat clarinet is the main kind of clarinet. It is in the key of B flat, that is why it is called a B flat clarinet. It has 22-28 keys and the embouchure or way you blow into the instrument, is very difficult to learn. Clarinet is very fun, and there is a Bass Clarinet, which is a regular clarinet, but it plays on a different key, not B flat.
I am in band and i am learning the B flat clarinet.
by band girl December 15, 2014
The person who takes it up the ass in gay sex
Used by music lovers

Hey you a b flat
by Bottomle March 3, 2021
A name for the straight-belled soprano saxophone owing to its similarity to a metal clarinet.
Sam's ok on the alto-sax but he can tear up the b-flat armored clarinet.
by Sir-Hops-A-Lot February 14, 2021