When a person is giving a blow job and the blow job recipient stretches his scrotum under his or her chin, creating a front porch.
I totally gave sally a front porch last night.
by Breal916 May 12, 2011
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sex. good ole' vaginal fucking.

see also, back-porching
me: ive been sitting all day baby, can't we lay off the back-porch for one night?
dan: oh, good old front-porching. how ive missed you so.
me: good. now take of my pants.*winks*
dan: gladly *smirks*

indulge into steamy fucky.
by Stevie;] January 8, 2008
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When one sits reverse on the toilet and drops a deuce. Because the fecal matter now congregates in the front of the bowl (where flush pressure is much less) it is commonly difficult to flush away.
Joe made me mad the other night so I front porched his toilet.
by Gmillsman May 23, 2017
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In the fourth season, Lily confesses that she has been breaking Ted up with girls who she didn't see passing the "Front Porch Test." The Front Porch Test is Lily's indication of how happy they would all be together once they were old, thus showing if someone's love interest was right for them or not. The life lesson that is learned from this is that the most important people in your life you can imagine sitting happily on a front porch with when you're old and gray. If can also be applied to help you make everyday decisions.
the front porch test: before making a big decision in your life, imagine that you are 80-years-old and sitting on your front porch being nostalgic about your life that has gone by. Would you be happy if you chose to be an accountant? Or would you be happier knowing you pursued your writing career?
by perksofbeingafernplant December 14, 2013
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Front Porch steppin' it is the action of talking to underage girls in hopes of having sexual activities with them.
"Did you here about Johnny sexting that 14 year old?"
"Dude he's totally front porch steppin' it"
by Luca94 January 7, 2015
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Front Porch Philosophy is the practice of inviting friends over to one's house for the explicit activity of drinking a few beers and discussing philosophical and spiritual topics. Coined by the Colorado journalist Stephanie DeCamp, the phrase can also be used to define a series of conversations held by a recurring host.
This week I decided to invite a former street-preacher, an atheist nanny and an acupuncturist over to my balcony for some Front-Porch Philosophy. I think the goal will be to discuss anything but religion.
by justanotherravenclaw July 30, 2011
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