Cooper is not a man but a boy, alass.. hes really f*ckn adorable. And youll want to pinch his cheeks. Hes the sweetest guy youll ever meet. But hes a pistol:))
Cooper is so cute omfg
by Love_muppin January 03, 2019
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An unusually beautiful, short, and super cute young female.
1)...Wow, look at that cooper. 2)...I hope the cooper will be at the club tonight. 3)... Cooper alert!
by Charles Lewis May 09, 2006
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An overly confident male, known for his fratboy antics, and general rudeness to everyone he views below him. Tends to dress as a prep
Man, Ryan is such a cooper; he's been bragging how he got drunk and banged 3 chicks on saturday, then went to church!
by Supercooper October 12, 2008
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a down to heart kind of guy, even if he is a little annoying at times, but he just wants the best. really cute, and funny personality. can be really sensitive and protective, but cooper's are just empathic
cooper is such a sweet heart!
by dogre December 06, 2017
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A cooper is someone that is insane/crazy. Usually has blond hair along with a rectangular head. He also tends to do stupid things all the time. Hes not a bad guy though. Hes nice.
Cooper you put the roman noodles in the microwave without water!
by what1112 December 25, 2016
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Random asian girl: β€œyou heard of that guy cooper? He paid for my dinner three nights in a row, and took me to the movies for free! Hes such a great friend.”
Any Chad: β€œwhat a simp”
by Not a simp December 28, 2019
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