Definition: An occupational surname for "blacksmith" or "metalworker," from the German word "schmied." The German equivalent of the English surname SMITH.

Surname Origin: German

That's so Schmidt.
by susan1992 December 13, 2010
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a sweetness that knows no bounds. thoughtful, courteous and respectful. to qualify as a Schmidt one must be irresistably adorable.
My boyfriend is such a Schmidt! He brought me flowers for no reason.
by maureenkay August 5, 2008
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Taking a shit in a pool or any water but a toilet
Hey, you just schmidt in the pool.
by Purple Wave December 13, 2006
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A person who goes out of their way to view exceedingly gross and disturbing online content.
He's such a Schmidt. He just send me a link to Tub Girl!
by R.J Alex October 30, 2007
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A person who is anti-social, just likes to be indoors all day, and ignore his/her friends to play video games.
Stop being a Schmidt and come hangout with your friends.
by January 6, 2011
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An award for one who polishes boots to perfection.
After nearly 5 years, Shooter's Supervisor decided it was time for him to receive the Schmidt.
by WillyB2006 November 20, 2006
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