another term for "f*** you." Can also be used as "known you up" in other words, "f*** you up" or even "knowned up."
Fool, I'll known you up if you don't stop talkin bout my momma!
by Malay October 13, 2007
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Evidence in court.

Since you already know you must already know.

Since you known you must be in possession of a custom webbrowser or something.

You know everything.
Since you known.
by Cody5050 January 22, 2023
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Da "parody on da cake-baking saying" remark dat you smilingly say to a cute chick whom you've unexpectedly met somewhere, and you are savoringly pressing her soft warm palms against yer fuzzy cheeks.
I always love joking around about, "If I'd known you were coming, I'd have shaved my beard" wif pretty girls whom I befriend; said humorous remark always gets da biggest amused giggle-fits outta dem.
by QuacksO October 22, 2023
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