Cooper is the sexiest human being alive, the funniest person you will ever meet, so nice, very flirtatious, shows his feelings in an odd way, he is the class clown, he always knows how to cheer you up when you are having a bad day. Cooper is the best friend you will ever have, he is very loyal. He has some friends that are females but he doesn't think of them as anything more. He gets annoyed rather easily, he is VERY competitive, and he is so tough. Everybody likes Cooper. He is not always the most well behaved kid in class, but he will always make people laugh. Cooper is so cute that you want him to like you back, but you don't think he likes you back. He will make everyone laugh. He is not shy at all. He will spank all of "the bois" butts in front of everyone. He tries to be friends with most people, but no body can compare to THE BOIS they are the most important to him. If you meet a Cooper love him forever, but don't cross him otherwise he will never fully trust you again
Cooper is such a sexy beast.
by Depressedmemegorl69420 December 20, 2019
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A super confident and handsome guy. He is very outgoing, and has a lot of friends. He is the class clown, and he tries his hardest to be the center of attention. He's the most loyal friend you'll ever have, always sticking by your side. You can trust him with pretty much anything, and he won't tell a soul. He's a great encourager and he often gives good advice. He is strong-willed and fights tirelessly for the things he believes in. He cares about all of his friends and family, and he will make sure to take good care of them. He is very competitive in most games and sports. His eyes are a beautiful blue, and his smile will make your day. His laugh is contagious and his company is enjoyable. He's talented and he wears it proudly! Cooper is a true friend. Once you have his friendship, it'll be pretty hard to lose it!
by Krazy eightz December 02, 2018
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A very genuine person. Is funny and handsome. He cares about every body around him and would put himself last for others.
by coopergilly1234 December 01, 2019
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Someone who a really thick and long cock. He screams sexyness
He must be a cooper if that's his dick
by Megan fuller February 16, 2018
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cooper is a sweetheart if your dating him expect a gift almost every day. be careful he could steal your girl with his good look, charm, and his big dick.
Girl 1: coopers sooo hot I want to fuck him
Girl 2: he has a gf

Girl 1: he can cheat
Girl 2: hes to loyal
by fugenuggets are yum December 25, 2019
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A fucking retard who smells like shit all the time. He has a reputation of going to people's houses and eats fucking chips at fucking 3 am then blames it on other people. If you ever become friends with a Cooper, well then you are going to heaven because fags named Cooper have no friends. He is the type of kid to be racist to an innocent arab or make fun of a girl with fucking arthritis. Cooper is usually a ginger and dates short brazillian girls for 2 mins and not even go on a date or hug her.
Person 1: Ew wtf is that smell
Person 2: Oh shit its cooper
by Im in history rn October 15, 2019
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