A person who is always pleasant to be around. They are boss, cute, swag, nice, hot, and always the smartest one in your life. When they smile, they light up the room and everybody loves them. If anybody finds her/him to be annoying, they have been proven insane multiple times.
"OMG did you hear that COOPER is in my class??"
"What? Lucky!!"
"I know. Now I get her all to myself, sucker. She's mine!!"
by A memester... June 18, 2018
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Really cute and hot guy, he’s always fixing his hair which is super cute! Super nice and has all the girls drooling over him(including me)!!!!!!! All the guys are jealous of him and it shows. If you ever get to speak to cooper you are extremely lucky! If any of you girls know a Cooper you should be trying to date him lol!!!!!
“Cooper is so hot
“I wish I could be as cool as Cooper” says kid
Not a chance” says other kid
by QTpi764 April 30, 2019
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Cooper is a blonde guy with blue eyes. He is extremely attractive and is great to be around. Loyalty is very important to him and he will protect those he cares about. He’s a bit of a player but once he finds the right girl he will be loyal to her. Cooper is known to get rejected so don’t break his heart. The ideal girl for cooper will start with a V, H or C. He would be best matched with a chill brunette who is cool as fuck. Cooper is confident and has a great sense of humour. Overall an okay person but just needs to stick one girl!
Cooper- Be my girlfriend?
Girl 1- no sorry, I think we should be friends
Cooper- Will you go out with me?
Girl 2- No f off
Cooper- will you go out with me?
Girl 1- Yes I changed my mind
by thetruthisherebiatchhh August 16, 2019
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The sexiest person in the world no one compares to his hotness he can kill anyone with a blink of an eye he gives every girl orgasms the second they see him and he has a monster cock that crushes any opponent!!!!
Cooper just made me orgasm
by Biggest cock in the world October 17, 2017
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a very cool guy who is probably tall
dude: is getting bullied and cries
cooper: shut up dumbass pussy
by assfuckerdicksucker300069 November 25, 2021
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Cooper is just the best person in the world and there is no one that is better than him a Cooper is the most handsome thing in the world and is very sexy.
by Cooooper August 9, 2019
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