Gourmet, overtly complicated, needlessly difficult, heavily involved, deeply intricate, the opposite of simple & easy, requiring patience & commitment.
1)In terms of MMOBG (Massively Multiplayer Online Builder Games) Cubelands is simple, Minecraft is moderate, & Wurm Online is convoluted.

2)She found two recipes for Swedish Meatballs; a simple one using fewer ingredients that took less time that might not taste as good, & a convoluted recipe using more ingredients with a longer cook & preparation time that promised to taste heavenly if cooked properly.
by ThatEvilRedhead July 23, 2011
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Something really complicated . Talking in circles. Nonsense, etc.
-girl : "Bruh you just don't get it you got convolutions on your brain cells."
-boy: "combo what ? "
-girl : "duh, convoluted thoughts. . . . "
by 3579SCphmG'<3. June 18, 2010
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The best word ever, only to be used incorrectly in everyday conversation
Jeremy: My toaster just exploded.
Sarah: Wow. That's convoluted.
by singitupp June 2, 2010
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Tax law has become so convoluted that it's easy for people to accidentally violate it.
by Larstait November 11, 2003
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a scale from one to five (1-5) with five being the most severe, that describes the way someone will adjust their speaking and writing to sound more intelligent or experienced to impress someone they want to date; while intending to sound worldly, people employing a high convolution factor often come across as confusing or just plain idiots
When Linda said she didn't know anything about cars, Brian started speaking at about a convolution factory of 4 to impress her.
by Sexy Simian December 3, 2010
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the possibility that some 500 CONgressmen could get together and accidentally make a useful decision - in approximately several billion years.....(many of the same folks seem to believe in evolution)
HE: Are we out of this economic mess yet?

SHE: No, this CONvoLUTION could last a little while longer...but we can still HOPE for CHANGE....
by op_position August 31, 2011
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