1. Tasty ground beef shaped into spheres to enjoy for consumption.

2. The act of a man tea bagging a woman in the mouth so she can taste his scrotum.

3. The Swedes make some damn good meat.
"Do you like our Swedish Meatballs or did you prefer the Italian sausage?"

Man: "Would you like me to give you my Swedish Meatballs?"

Woman: "Um, hell no."
by awbatman500 June 15, 2014
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A sex act wherein the male ejaculates onto the females face, wipes it up with his scrotum and the female proceeds to suck them clean.
"Dude, I gave her the Swedish meatball and she went nuts"

"Becky over there is a FIEND for Swedish Meatballs"
by Xerxikun June 19, 2008
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An orgy consisting of largely males (usually 4-16) and 1 woman. The woman sucks the men's testicles, and only his testicles. The men are bisexual, and are occasionally kissing each other while the woman sucks the men. The other men rub their testicles on each other.
Guy: I had an amazing Swedish Meatball last night.

Other Guy: *Offended* Why didn't you invite me!
by EvilBunnyRabbit June 28, 2014
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A variation of the "dutch oven" originating in Alabama. Where the said person drops a poo pellet in bed, then mercilessly holds their victim under the covers.
I Haven't seen Sarah since I gave her that swedish meatball.
by CoachOGjimmyjohnson December 21, 2021
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a sexual act in which the woman is forcibly placed into a laundry hamper, shoved down the stairs, and upon reaching the bottom, the man proceeds to throw swedish meatballs on her naked body
Lucas: I heard about this new sex position at camp. Its called swedish meatballs.

Sam (brother): Lucas never went to camp...
by ghettosuperstahswede July 11, 2008
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