A computer virus that is supposedly taking into effect on April 1st, 2009. Microsoft is offering a $250k reward for information leading to the creator's arrest.
Conficker iz gunna skrew your computer up reel good.
by Cappz March 30, 2009
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A computer worm that managed to infect a large number of computers. On April 1st, 2009 the Conficker worm will simply start taking more steps to protect itself, in doing so it might infect even more machines. The Conficker worm has created secure infrastructure for cybercrime. The worm allows its creators to remotely install software on infected machines. The worm effectively blocks access to most websites and/or redirects the user to alternate sites who want to send SPAM, steal IDs.

It is recommended that users download patches for Microsoft and their anti virus programs. As usual, users with OSX (MACs) do not have to worry.
The shitstorm as a result of the Conficker virus has caused Microsoft to do nothing to make their OS better, but instead they offered a measly $250,000 for anyone with information on the authors of the malicious code.
by afagrd March 31, 2009
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A worm every Windows user that hasn't updated since OCTOBER of 2008 will be infected with and scammed by Russian hacking geniuses.
Noob: Oh no! My computer has a Conficker virus!! And now all my bank money is GONE! HELP ME!!!

Me: You can start by updating

Russian hacker: 10 million, 11 million, 12 million, 13 million...
by Critical Acclaim April 13, 2009
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Confi (configuration) ficker (f**ker)

the "fi" can be used as a part of both words.
Conficker is a computer worm that will f**k your s**t up, son.
by Toasty64 March 26, 2009
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