A "bikelife" person that says they all "bikelife" but really isn't. Often makes accuses for riding. Like a poser.
Person one (dom): "Bikelife shit man we around word!"
Person two (real bikelife): "Oh damn ok, let's go to mcdonalds."
Person one (dom): "Yeah, I really want mcdonalds, I'm gonna call my mom."
Person two (real bikelife): "man, fuck outta here, you just a WORM."
by oneway_corey January 22, 2018
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Someone that despite having many bikes and opportunities to ride them, hang with the boys, and have a good time. Will insist that aren’t able to ride, didn’t know the boys were riding or will not ride at all.
Man 1: who wants to ride?
Man 2: oh I will, I wonder if (insert name here) will ride?
Man 3: no they’re not gonna ride, (insert name here) is a WORM.
by oneway_corey February 20, 2019
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A worm - Someone that makes many ecxuses for riding, often complaining, like a small bitch often with a vagina. Furthermore, wants a bigger bike although it is too big, usually the offender doesn’t send big.
person 1: yo boys let’s ride Saturday.
Person 2: Ok sick I’m down.
Person 3: nah, riding is boring.
Person 1 &2 : what???
Person 3: plus my bike is too small.
Person 1 & 2: Man, ___ is such a WORM.
Person 4: true dat cuh. Btw I’m down to ride.

Person 1 & 2 &4: He doesn’t send big.
by Kaykushingtonn April 30, 2018
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Dark,depressing,negative,and evil thoughts that cause change in emotion and personality.They are delusions inside someone's mind and leads them to act in violent,anti-social and psychotic ways.
When The Worms ate into Pink's brain,it began his transformation to the Neo-Nazi dictator shown during "In The Flesh","Run Like Hell",and "Waiting For The Worms"
by BehindTheWall June 24, 2009
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Typically used in the pedal bike community for someone who can’t wheelie or do combos. But is also used in a sarcastic way sometimes
Corey you a worm
by Njb July 30, 2018
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It is a term used to define the action of sticking their finger up the butthole of another.
Person #1: If you keep talking back to me ill give you The Worm.
Person #2: Ya right!
Person #1: It The Worm Ayy!!!!!!
Person #2:AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!
by Megan Malcome June 7, 2012
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