God. See also: Led Zeppelin, James Dean, John Cleese

I love him. In a platonic way. But these days, you take what you can get, eh?
Conan is cooler than cool. In fact, I do believe he's...ICE COLD!

Caroline! Caroline! She needs a gol- okay, ill stop.
by Ska bitch May 20, 2004
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a barbarian with immense fighting prowess. Played by a man named Arnold who has also been a robot and countless other deadly beings.
Conan has great facial expressions during battle.
by I Dance Jigs March 12, 2003
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buy the domain for your cat blog
Funniest Talk Show Host Ever, except for Johnny Carson, of course.
Man, I stay up until midnight just to watch Conan!
by Matt Becker June 21, 2005
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An awesome guy, funny and sexy, has a big dick and is just someone you love to be with. once you have been with him no one well feel as good again. is an amazing kisser!!!
I was with such a CONAN last night!!!
Nice one!!!
by cheryl123144 June 20, 2010
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One who fights for the good of man. The antonym of Newman
That man will go down as one of the greatest Conans in history.
by Steven April 06, 2004
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Quite possibly one of the gayest sounding names, up there with Bruce and Julius, but almost invariably attached to the coolest people ever.
Cases in point: Arthur Conan Doyle, Conan O'brien, and of course, the legendary Conan "the barbarian" of Cimmeria.

Used as an adjective or noun to describe something as excessively cool or to describe a person who is in complete control of their comic functions at all times. Usually in conjunction with an other adjective.
Noun: Olde Tymey bikes are soooo CONAN!

Wow, what you just said was completely hilarious and off the cuff. You are so totally Conan!

adj: That was a totally Conan comment you just made.
by darius sunofovich January 05, 2005
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