A pale faced, tall and very talented latenight talkshow host whom sould be dubbed the new king of comedy.
Conan is a comedic god.
by Rachel February 08, 2003
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God. See also: Led Zeppelin, James Dean, John Cleese

I love him. In a platonic way. But these days, you take what you can get, eh?
Conan is cooler than cool. In fact, I do believe he's...ICE COLD!

Caroline! Caroline! She needs a gol- okay, ill stop.
by Ska bitch May 20, 2004
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The type of thing person who is always there for you even when the rain falls. They always look out for you and even though they might seem immature it’s just your shitty sense of humor. There naturally good in bed and are really thoughtful in relationships and will never cheat on you
Conán is so sexy I’d fuck him
by Gay nibba 68 February 21, 2019
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a barbarian with immense fighting prowess. Played by a man named Arnold who has also been a robot and countless other deadly beings.
Conan has great facial expressions during battle.
by I Dance Jigs March 12, 2003
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A boy who is the biggest ass yet sweetest most amazing person you've ever met. His blue eyes will destroy your heart and his smile will make you drool. He's a funny, intelligent weirdo who has an admirable obsession over memes
P1: Wow, that guy's a weirdo but really cute and amazing
P2: Oh look it's a Conan
by ebonythenerdicorn March 18, 2016
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