When someone(NBC) gives you something then 7 months later they (NBC) forces you to give it back
Hey do u want a free house

ya sure

7 months later

hey I'm gonna need that house back

what the fuck you said it was mine

Well my other house started to fail so I need it back but u can have my old shity house

what the fuck screw you dam it I just got conaned
by Klc1709 January 14, 2010
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Tony really loves watching Conan, so much that he's always commiting Conanism.
by somedudeonUD October 27, 2010
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When your job with a television company is broken off and a provision contract states that you can't be on the air for the next 6 months

Props to Conan and TBS for this joke!
You better shut up or you're getting the CONAN! - TBS
by Joshua Ek January 25, 2011
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Funniest Talk Show Host Ever, except for Johnny Carson, of course.
Man, I stay up until midnight just to watch Conan!
by Matt Becker June 22, 2005
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a fucking legend who will save mankind and will most likely attempt to kill numerous children in any area too
man 1: did you hear about that guy who fit twenty-seven dead babies into a bathtub

man 2: yeah he must have been a Conan
by conanLM May 28, 2019
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The best youtuber too ever exist
He has a voice of an angel (not that i would know)
Also he sometimes draws and paints his nails
Gender rules? Never heard of her
Also he’s kinda an old grumpy man but in the best way possible
by Fukoff April 18, 2018
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friend: please stop talking about conan gray. i don’t care
me: disrespect my man like that again and i will delete your kneecaps
by bigdumbuwu February 25, 2019
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