While doing a chick doggy style, right before you blow your load, you unsheathe your broadsword and cut her head off. Afterwards, pull out and blow it in the resulting neck hole. You must then take the head and bring it to your village elder for meat.
Bob is so good at the barbarian! He's got 15 pounds of meat this week.
by 3411Z April 3, 2007
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a person without education , culture or refinement


a foreigner
look at him ! he's totally Barbarian .
by GatDat March 20, 2009
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The large and burly race who live in Halas or Harrogath and wield massive weapons and kill everyone and eat their victim's BONES!
Dude, Golrath the Barbarian just like totally ripped that guy's head off and ate his bones. Sweet.
by Golrath the Barbarian July 6, 2003
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Big guys who brandishes shiny sturdy weapons and commits mass murder without remorse. Loves meat and women, hates books and intellectuals, especially magic-users. Live fast and die happy...

Also a fighter unparalled in close-combat in Diablo 2, a hack and slash plus sorcery game.
"Me am strong, me throw rock, crawl into my cave to tinkle with me!"
by Chang Tan January 10, 2005
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A librarian that cuts hair.
As said in the Disney cartoon Dave the Barbarian.
But dave, I always thought that you wanted to be a barbarian!

That's only because i thought it was a librarian that cuts hair...
by Karasulu January 14, 2007
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The superior race. Barbarians are large and muscular and are very good at most tasks. Barbarians are either really nice guys and help out anyone who needs help, or really malevolent who kill whole towns and eat their victims' bones. They live in the north and wear traditional Barbarian clothes like kilts and leather boots. They're very good at combat (among pretty much every other activity ever)
"I am Xantor, the Barbarian!"
by Xantor the Barbarian July 3, 2003
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Weed that is very potent that one hit would fucked you up in a sec and bring you down for hours only true stoners have every held this type of weed its mostly the haze type especially the Barbarian Piff
Chino nd suuwoop dan had picked up cesar 2 go spark up wit jim nd jim had sum FIREE!!

SUUWOOP DAN: Damn jim wat is dis

JIM: Its sum Barbarian

CHINO: Dat Barbarian PiFF !!!
by BPTTOPGUNNA May 7, 2009
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