A dirty bastard that believes communism is the right way in which to lead a country. They are fucktards with the IQ of a stoner that think such utopian bullshit would ever work. According to some old historical document somewhere, (maybe it's one of the fourteen points, I can't fucking remember), communism requires total control to be successful, which will never happen because people that have to live under communism don't have the willpower required to kick ass in war, and, except in China, who is only an exception to the following rule because of us, communism results in a poor-ass country that can't afford shit, including military-related shit. Commies need to pull their heads out of their asses and look around.

Also, many liberal beliefs and policies (not necessarily the beliefs of democrats, but the beliefs of either party that bleed liberalism) border on being communistic. For instance: welfare, taxes that aren't flat (AKA current tax policy just-about everywhere), and all restrictions of personal freedom, although some such restrictions are good - drugs being illegal and age limits on drinking and smoking just to name a couple.
My grandma ACTUALLY became frustrated when the owner of her first rental home made a half-ass profit on the deal. When jokingly called a communist by my Dad, she said, "Well, maybe that's what I am."

Fuck the French, they're a bunch of socialist pussies.
by TheAntifrench February 24, 2005
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A word used by conservatives to compare those intelligent enough to disagree with them to the red fascist of the Soviet Union, the Democratic (sic) Republic of Korea, and the People's Republic of China.
OMFG! This anti-American unchristian fucktard supports same-sex marriage. He must be teh commie!!!!!!!!!!1!11!111
by jj_frap October 11, 2003
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One whom believes in the political ideology of Communism. Also, one seen as the exact opposite of an American Capitalist, which in many cases is a very good thing. Also can be the nickname for any Commerce student in a Canadian University.
by EzriWynne February 13, 2004
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One of those odd terms that, when used by a member of the faction referred to, may well be complementary, but when used by the uninitiated, is an insult. In this case, a term used to refer to communists.
Filthy commie propaganda!

Yeah, I'm a commie.
by Daedalus_Prime December 22, 2007
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American hating, son of a bitch. Who hates freedom and goes against our common morals. This is a person of the communist party and should leave this country if he or she is in it. Fuck Che Guevara.
The commies will one day dystroy freedom.
by jack ruby December 12, 2006
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