Capitalist pigs will not be granted entry to places which may be deemed as holy, sacred, or spiritual when the day of wrath comes. Those who suffered at the hands a punitive or dehumanized system will eventually have their day to bathe in the blood of liars and exploiters. Capitalist pigs will not be the ones who are dancing on that day. Deal with them in your own way until the true farmer comes as our gates which line neither wall nor cities. Meet up Irregardless of politics, income or education to determine how exactly we could sacrifice them before they decide to sell our organs after the real estate is all bought up well beyond gentrification. Since they will forever punish, enslave, rob us of our youth or dignity, no amount of compassion could save them. Sacrifice cannot save us from the capitalist pig, neither love, nor ideology or doctrine. We must harden ourselves if there is ever to be true justice. A true Capitalist Pig can hide under any country or political banner and may falsely believe that they are impervious and so portray serenity and an aura of peacefulness especially if they are arrogant. Arrogance is often the signal that their time will run out as it offends those who know the true state in which we live and how the ecosystem has suffered. With massive crop failures, global heating rises, or fuel purse strings relegated to those who can afford the means of production on larger toxic scales there will be no better time to accept what fate has given us.
Q: "What happened to that upstanding family?"

A: "Those Capitalist Pigs were sacrificed after they tried to run the damn town" "Surprised it didn't happen sooner (reaches for beer)."
by The Hoplite June 5, 2022
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A term for a rich business tycoon who only cares about making more money. He doesn't care if he puts smaller stores out of business, doesn't care about the poor or middle class, and doesn't care very much about the customer. His business will usually sell overpriced products made of cheap plastic, and the customer support will usually be outsourced if there's any customer support in the first place. Similar to the phrase "miser", or "cheapskate", but more applicable to people who not only horde money, but keep expanding their businesses even when they have more than enough money.
That capitalist pig took all the business. Soon we'll have to sell our shop and move away.
by Mr. Seven January 5, 2010
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The upper class, usually with psychopathic personalities.
That capitalist pig over there treats people like if he was God.
by Politricks September 9, 2003
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Fellas who make you live to work and work to live, basically the enemy of a people.
In USSR whenever a Red soldier saw a fat Pindo, he would say " Get that Capitalist pig,, Blyat"
by Comrade Stalin 123456 July 13, 2023
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A derogatory term used by either commie bastards who don't like to see rich capitalists next to other poor, starving bastards, or dirty anarchists who despise both, the authority of the state and that of the capitalists.
A capitalist pig is probably worse than a commie bastard, and is much worse than a dirty anarchist (who is in fact less dirty than the capitalist pig or commie bastard)
"The capitalist pig buys another diamond ring while children starve in Africa"

"Long live the anarchist Confederation! Long live organization without capitalist pigs or commie bastards!"
by Jonathan Shockley March 27, 2007
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