Abbreviation for Shopping Cart Returns. SCR is a unit of measurement used to evaluate moral deeds. One SCR is equal to one grocery cart return. According to some leaders in the Humanist movement, returning shopping carts is a required ethical duty among Humanists. Thus all moral deeds can be expressed in terms of number of SCR.
I cleaned up all that garbage someone left on the beach. That is worth 2.5 SCR.
by PlusAtheism January 22, 2013
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by inane5 February 8, 2005
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Space Coast Records or SCR. SCR also meaning: Society Can't Relate or Serious Creative Rhyming. Is an independent music label founded by Virgin Island born, Broward County raised, TrigganoMICS. The label consists of his cousin Ezats, Kwes, K-Budd, Bri, Rickee Stylez & M. Gaddy. Everybody who's apart of the squad is a nerd on the low. Most of the crew currently resides in the DMV while Ezats is in the Virgin Islands and Rickee is in Houston.
"Oh that's them SCR niggas!"
"Smokin' herb, fuck yo cup!"
"Hop in my coupe detrille!"
by thoth's son June 25, 2012
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abbreviation for So Cal Rider. usually seen on shirts that bros wear.
dude check it out that guy's an SCR
by purplehaze June 10, 2006
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A collective of rappers, producers, poets & singers from Ft. Lauderdale, St. Thomas, Virginia Beach & D.C. The current members are TrigganoMICS, Ezats, Kwes da Natty Jedi & KBudd
"Coexist Or Don't Exist" "Enter the hyperbolic time chamber"
"Spacey Life"
"SCR you know who we are and if ya don't know now ya know nigga"
by Zwycin Gawd May 9, 2012
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