Someone who wants everyone to do the same thing. Opposed to a nazi, which is someone who tries to dictate or enforce grammatical rules or a backseat driver, kitchen nazi, wardrobe nazi, etc.
Stalin: Now let's all go on the teacup ride.
Rommel: You're such a commie!
by madmaxxx March 18, 2005
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A useless retard who supports marxism because they are yet to face the hardships of life
A commie is almost as shitty as a faxist
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The type of person who is funny but everyone hates him.
Commie: *Gives the place flavor*

Others: "Boo"
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by kingknb July 21, 2020
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Derogatory word which refers to group of Anti Social people who cry for terrorist death & celebrate army men death. They are mostly found in Social media & their main job is trolling, spreading fake news, cheering anti socials.
Breaking News :- 4 Naxal terrorists killed in Dantewada
Person 1 :- I am hearing somebody crying in JNU.
Person 2 :- Ignore them.. They are Commies crying after hearing news about death of 4 naxal terrorists in Dantewada.
by Sam ji September 08, 2019
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