Some fine (expensive) clothes. Term was popularized by members of Duke Ellington's Band -- the Duke being a stickler for well dressed musicians.
Those silks look good, man. What they set you back?
by Bill Peters August 11, 2006
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"Silks," or "the silks," is a slang term used to describe an item of great worth--typically dropped from a "boss" in an RPG video game.

The term originates from "The Silks of the Victor," the unique Ancient Plate from Blizzard's masterpiece Diablo II. Legend holds that this item could only be dropped from Diablo himself, but only few mortal men have had the mettle to challenge and defeat the beast.

In some circles, this term has been expanded to describe items acquired in real life.
"OMFGWTFBBQ, Diablo dropped teh silks!! ROFLCOPTER I NEED THOSE!!11!one!!"
by Seanarchy August 13, 2005
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to eat breakfast at your favorite local restaurant
I'm hungover, let's silks it up.
by teabomb December 28, 2011
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a girl you would love to know. absolutely funny, easy to hang around with, stunningly beautiful and always a bit naughty. they smell good and like looking at things with a preference for glitter. enjoy dancing cheesy moves.
I have finally met Silke!
Wow, where? I want to know her too!
by BigHifive January 12, 2012
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Mindlessly agreeing with someone of higher importance without demonstrating any independent thought. Basically a poor attempt try to suck up to your boss or follow the leader.
Boss: I'm amazing, aren't I?
Nick: Mhm, that's right.
Niall: Nick's silking again.
by Merjan October 19, 2017
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Silke is everyone’s best friend. She is dependable, fun, and caring. Everyone needs a Silke in their life. Silke will definitely embarrass you with her funky dance moves but you love her uniqueness. She is always fun to hangout with. While she often thinks she isn’t good enough, everyone around a Silke strives to be like her. She has brown hair and brown/ hazel eyes that are captivating. You will never forget her magnetic personality and beauty.
Girl 1: “Omg who is that girl doing the sprinkler at the school dance?”
Girl 2: “That is definitely a Silke!”

Girl 1: “I heard someone got over 100 on their chem test.”
Girl 2: “That must’ve been my best friend, Silke!”
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