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Some fine (expensive) clothes. Term was popularized by members of Duke Ellington's Band -- the Duke being a stickler for well dressed musicians.
Those silks look good, man. What they set you back?
by Bill Peters August 10, 2006
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an alternative to the colloquial use of the word 'sick', used as a positive, like an alternative for wicked, great etc. to describe something as very good, or of a high standard, or to express great admiration.
Did you see the match last night? It was silk!
by Farhan N March 04, 2008
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Produced as a cocoon covering by the silkworm, and used in fine fabrics and textiles.
She wore silk pajamas and a woolen sweater.
by golden pineapple August 27, 2018
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"hey craigster, didn't you know milk has pus in it"
'no ben, that's disgusting. but what am i going to have with my cookies, poptarts, and cereal???'
"Try SILK brand soy milk" hahahaha
by Ben Claytor August 30, 2005
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"Silks," or "the silks," is a slang term used to describe an item of great worth--typically dropped from a "boss" in an RPG video game.

The term originates from "The Silks of the Victor," the unique Ancient Plate from Blizzard's masterpiece Diablo II. Legend holds that this item could only be dropped from Diablo himself, but only few mortal men have had the mettle to challenge and defeat the beast.

In some circles, this term has been expanded to describe items acquired in real life.
"OMFGWTFBBQ, Diablo dropped teh silks!! ROFLCOPTER I NEED THOSE!!11!one!!"
by Seanarchy August 13, 2005
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AKA tall flags & flag twirlers. a unit of a marching band that uses flags for field shows & parades.
The Silks are really good doing that complex routine for this year's field show.
by BruinKiller3469 April 01, 2009
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