A trumpet player is someone who:
a) plays the trumpet. obviously.
b) kisses amazingly. Trumpet players not only have the strongest lips in the entire marching band, it makes them great kissers.
- "Oh i heard you hooked up with Timmy on Friday...Is he any good at kissing?"
- " Of course he is! He plays the trumpet. You do know what they say about trumpet players don't you?"
- " Of course, they're the best kissers."
by soapylemon March 20, 2009
egotistical but no one cares
cant usually play but can bs it better than anyone in band
thinks they are a gift from god and usually are
constantley gets it for hacking
can do just about anything
higher fasater louder screamed henderson at out wicked sweet trumpet player
1) In marching band, the best section there ever was. The lead part. Without this section, there is NOTHING. If you are a trumpet player, you are the best
2) Most are cocky, love to show off, and are up the band directors ass and get what they want.
Obviously, the trumpet player is the backbone of any band.
by sokerguy16 November 13, 2005
you could describe a trumpet player as a little arrogant bitch with a massive fucking ego. I wouldn’t recommend down talking them or they will fuck you in the ass.
trumpet players are idiots
by tiny ty December 1, 2021
the most annoying pieces of shit you will ever encounter
Viktor: hi, I’m a Trumpet player

Michael: oh ok *slaps Viktor* die in a hole you stupid retard
by Apple Juice#6444 April 6, 2021
They speak the same way they play their instrument, loudly and obnoxiously. They start random chants and are very annoying to deal with. If you tell them this then they become toxic. Very few trumpet players are actually easy to deal with and can actually play their instrument.
"Will you trumpet players shut up for just two minutes?!"
by Canofbeanns September 6, 2019
Girl 1: Chad is hot
Girl 2: Yeah but have you heard he's a trumpet player?
Girl 2: Oh fuck...
by Whoisjoeguys March 16, 2020