To excel , grow in a healthy vigorious way or a bold or extravagant gesture action made especially to attract something
With a flourish, he ushered them inside
by Nichole 01 January 10, 2017
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Flourish means to increase, thrive and to grow luxuriantly. It can also mean to prosper or achieve high success in every area of life. To Flourish is to reach the highest level of growth and influence. Flourish means to shine and glow as well.
Her business has flourish over the years.
by Feli Ari May 15, 2020
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When a male masturbates and ejaculates into their hand, and then cavilierly tosses the ejaculate into the air, as if making an offering to the Gods.
I jacked off so hard to her pictures, I flourished all over the ceiling of my apartment.
by ElDudeAbides January 5, 2020
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To wave something around to attract the attention of others. To brandish
He wanted to make sure everyone knew how awesome he is, so Sam flourished the bottle of expensive wine for all to see.
by Jayzie November 21, 2013
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It means you are winning in your current situation.

It means you are on top of your game.
Nick was flourishing yesterday, he got all the girls in the club.

They looked so good, they were flourishing as Nationals.

Is that Marc Jacobs, you are flourishing.
by Flourish King June 13, 2014
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She took off her new scarf with a flourish, hoping I'd notice it.
by Morgan Tierney October 31, 2006
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