the most northern reaching country in south america incredibly diverse.

It's Capital Bogota populated by 6 million people has a lower crime rate than most large cities of its kind.
The cultural hub, nicknamed the "Athens of Latin America". Year round entertainment in arts, theater, museums, compiles a bit of everything you could want in higher entertainment. Not very warm but dam shinny and fun.

Just like the temperature in each region of the country varies so does it's people.

From very cold icy mountaints populated by a few shy indian farmers and lonely Park rangers (Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta), to scorching hot dessert splashed by the caribbean and some very unique people (Guajira), (Tayrona national Park) sorounded by imposing arqueological finds humid tropical jungle and pristine beaches. All within a couple hours drive. Warm old colonial and cosmopolitan cities inhabited bye some of the loudest, most effusive & downright nosiest people in the country(Cartagena, Barranquilla, Santa Marta)=These are the Costeños, living on the Atlantic coast line.

From the coffe axis of Colombia, come some of the smartest people on earth. You can probably find one in every city of the world. The Paisas, originary from Antioquia (Coffe and Orquids export, home of the infamous Pablo Escobar) and its capital Medellin, The Paisas are quick witted, savy, funny, respectfull but impulsive, sentimental, strong, curiuos and inventive. In business and everyday life they will make adrenaline flow and get things done right. But look out! for any street vendor could con your undies off and make you buy a bridge or two.

Other well known colombians include: the Pastusos, famed in jokes for their naivete; the Caleños, hot blodded and skillfull dancers with a tropical view of life; my own people the San Andreans who live in islands not far off the coast of Nicargua and speak good English, bad English and Spanish as a second language.

Everything varies from temperature to temperament, language to accent to build, color, taste, food...
45,600,000 numbers Colombia's population. Not evenly distributed, most Colombians living in the mountainous western portion of the country as well as the northern coastline. The Southern and Eastern portions of the country are mostly sparsely inhabited tropical rainforest and inland tropical plains containing small farming towns and indigenous comunnities.
Currently there is low-intensity conflict involving rebel guerrilla groups, paramilitary militias, drug trafficking and corruption. The conflict originated around 1964-1966, when the FARC and the ELN were founded and began their guerrilla insurgency campaigns against successive Colombian government administrations. It worsened with the birth of drug traffic and it's increasing socioeconomical demands. The societal structure is now unbalanced. Affecting directly and specially the lower class and the political and economical every day life.

There is poverty, crime and war in many rural aereas.
Nobody really trust politicians (who does?) or the armed forces and the public eye is jaundiced toward any power structure and have no qualms to make fun of them. In many rural areas you will here coments like: guerilla, armed forces, paras (paramilitars) they are all the same!.

As is expected in any country with these issues there is danger. So while traveling by road is relatively safe it's not so much for the very caucasian or asian who usually stick out like a sore tumb in rural areas. Usually the people abducted for ransom are employees of international organizations or oil companies.
Corrupt oficials are rumored to sell info to criminals and guerrilla in order to locate high paying victims.

Drugs are not as free flying in urban aereas as in first world countries. Drugs are processed mostly in the bush and jungle land. Colombia is well known for its illegal export of cocain, infamous drugs lords, corrupt officials and the guerrilla groups.
Rural towns where access is difficult augment poverty and crime, although poverty is not the factoring cause of major crimes like kidnappings, it's mostly organized crime rather than poor people just looking to survive.
As in any country no matter how advanced, be adviced to keep your eyes open and find out before hand where it's safe to travel.

Colombian best known symbol is Juan Valdez, this mustached paisa and his mule loaded with coffe. This logo is recognizable world wide.
There are many reasons why judging Colombia by the media is wrong, (As mentioned before in the Mr. & Mrs Smith example) But It's understandable just like we all judge other countries from what we see on CNN. Im sure the US is not chuck full of gun totting psico's and rapists, Paris Hilton's, OJ Simpsons, G. Bushes...
Colombians are among the most diverse and occidentalized latin americans.
by Norak April 30, 2007
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Top Definition
Colombia is not THE most dangerous country in the world, but unfortunately it is well up there. Is it a fact? Yes, but a sad one. However, there is SO much more to Colombia than the stereotypes of cocaine and murder (I for one don't remember saying otherwise), and its many virtues far outweigh its few faults, which occur to a greater extent in Brazil, Venezuela, South Africa, etc.

First of all, Colombia is rich in mineral and agricultural resources: coffee, emeralds, flowers, etc. The quality of its coffee and emeralds is world-renowned and makes them very desirable.

Second, it is one of the most geographically varied nations in the world: it's the only country in South America (I'm not including Mexico or Central America) with an Atlantic AND a Pacific coastline, three ranges of the Andes run north-south through it (Bogotá is built on a plateau in the Andes), the Amazon jungle comprises much of the southeastern part of the country, and Cristobal Colon, South America's second-tallest mountain, is at its northern end.

Third, Colombians have a reputation in South America for being very cultured and sophisticated. Bogotá is one of Latin America's great cultural centers, and is renowned and beloved by travellers who have visited it (I'm not one of them...yet). And its murder rate, as mentioned before, is a LOT lower than my own country's capital, Washington DC; though both cities are getting better year by year.

So don't take offense if some people are a bit ignorant of the facts; you think it's easy for me living in New York and having to tolerate the outdated, uninformed, nasty crap I've heard about my city? Laugh, inform them that they're wrong, and move on to the next.
Viva Colombia.
by J.B. again June 18, 2004
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a nice country in south america, many ignorant idiots dont know about, all they know is drugs, that is it

colombia has a nice culture, and a variety of people, from blonde haired blue eyed folks, to dark so dark they are almost blue folks, one thing colombians have in common is that they look hot, whoever says colombia means drugs, can go suck their grannies tities, i am not colombian, however i have been there, and that country rules!!!

they got some of the hottest women u can ever come across.
colombia has gotten some hot women, i wouldnt mind marrying one.
by american boy January 19, 2005
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One of the greatest countries in the world, filled with nice people and beautiful that you are not gonna find in any other country, EVER.

Well, many ignorants think that we are all about drugs, violence, guerrilla and fake-ass bitches, but we aren't, and that fake image media have been showing for years of our conutry couldn't be more stupid.

It piss us off that some ignorants ask us if we do speak english, or if we live under rocks, of if we have some coke of if we eat burritos!!!OMG!!! we're not beasts neither dealers nor mexicans!!!What the fuck is wrong with you people? We're just as good as anyone and we don't need more ignorants talkin shit about us, but i you wanna do it, we won't kill you, we're not getting to your level.We'll you laugh until you learn thata the world is more than just banalities.
Clobian???hahahaha..that's just way to pathetic!!!Colombia just rocks, no examples are needed!!!Viava colombia papá!!
by Yulianne July 26, 2005
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People who have never been to Colombia need to realize that their comments are only based on ignorance and what the media has fed them. Mr.Valdez and Mr.Escobar are not the only people to come out of the country. People, like the Idiot that came up with definition #6 of Colombia, were probably dumped by a hot colombian chick because of performance reasons, and now refer to them as stuck up. Colombia is filled with rolling green mountains, beautiful flowers, oceans, emeralds, culture, fantastic food and gorgeous kind men and WOMEN!
Nelly couldn't perform in bed so the hot Colombian chick told him to take a hike.
by fannin May 16, 2006
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it is one of the best countries in the world in my opinion there are sum fine ass girls down there now it might be dangerous but only if your in the wrong places so if you ever want to go somewhere where u can relax go to cartagena,colombia trust me its siiiickk and ignore that mutherfuker who said that its a fugly country and dat da chicks are too lik seriously get a fukin life yo.
wow i went to colombia and there were these fine ass blondes yo kinda looked like shakira
by octaviolopezrodriguezvaneguaz October 07, 2006
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Bogotá D.C.
Country poorly portrayed in the film "Mr. and Mrs. Smith": helicopters bombing Bogotá, an apocalyptic scenario with houses on fire, illustrating the capital as a rural little town with no buildings or evidence of any urban development. Hotels with fans give the idea of an unbearable heat, even though Bogotá is 2640 meters (8661 feet) above sea level. No pavement on the streets and a bar filled with rioted chicken. The actors who play the part of the police men in this Colombia deplorable cartoon wear weird uniforms and speak with Mexican/Caribbean accents even though Bogotá is not anywhere near the coast and some Colombian regions are recognized for having one of the best Spanish in Central and South America, and are even criticized/made fun of by the rest of the country for having a somewhat stiff accent.

Less than four weeks after its release in Colombia, the General Secretary of the City Hall, Enrique Borda, sent a letter of protest to the director Doug Liman. In the letter he states that "It is evidenced, beyond any doubt, that the director and his production crew show a total level of ignorance by portraying (the city) as incipient (...), primitive, with scarce hotel infrastructure, dominated by poverty, depressed, disorganized, with high levels of violence; in conclusion, totally chaotic and not attractive at all". Borda also points out in his text that Colombia was awarded with the title of "City of Peace" by the Unión de Ciudades Capitales Iberoamericanas (UCCI) and was declared "World Book Capital 2007" by UNESCO.
Doug Liman should have done a Google search.

Colombia is the shit!
by Luizza June 28, 2006
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the greatest country in the world with the hottest girls.
Person 1: Colombia is the shit!
Person 2: Hell yeah! There are so many hot girls there!
by lil manny May 04, 2007
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