its a show on youtube made my a huge cunt also known as cowbelly
when doest the huge cunt cowbelly open his coment awards submission?
by a small cunt October 18, 2017
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A new religion that relies on youtube comments to spread world truth and stop misinformation.
Despite modern toxicity some may find faith in Comentism through youtube comment section, a reason to believe, live..
by nasnas July 20, 2018
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Ever wondered where the word apartment comes from? They are designed to make us feel lonely because of their separating nature.
Introducing COMENTS: with leaving the apartness and subsituting it with the prefix "co" (standing for community or coliving) we create a new kind of flat sharing, where the individual has privacy while enjoying a close neighborhood of like-minded people.
Don't live apart, live at COMENTS!
by thecofactor September 17, 2021
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