Jorge is an amazing, loveable person, he just doesn't know it. He might accidentally hurt you by joking, but he is a thoughtful, caring person who is always by your side when you need him. He's the type of person who it's easy to be around and will always make you laugh. He has a charming, glowing, gorgeous smile that makes your day and amazing, swoon-worthy hair. His cheeks are always kissable and his lips are addictive. Jorges always give the best hugs and have the best arms to hold when you are sad. Jorge is perfect. The kind of person who you dream about. The kind of person you want to be with forever.
Cristal: "Damn Jorge is HOTTT!"
Diana: "He mine, bitch. Back off"
by IanFanPage November 23, 2018
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Best guy alive. Hella hot and hella nice and hella great. BEST PERSON EVER
Jorge is first on my 'to do' list
by brookesmainhoehannibal June 1, 2016
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The perfect man. Jorge is kind, caring, gentle, but also AMAZING in bed, tough, strong, and hilarious. Jorge is a bad ass who loves his woman, his family, and his country. Not the overly social type but not shy at all. Likes old school hip hop and Thai Food. Jorge can do ANYTHING he sets his mind to and is extremely well loved by anyone close to him. Jorge is incredibly handsome; An amazing smile with big kissable lips. Jorge loves football and muscle cars. Also, Jorge is exceptionally endowed.
Girl1: Isn't that your boyfriend?
Girl2: Yeah, he's PERFECT.
Girl1: His name must be Jorge then.

Girl2: DUHHH
by Siren715 February 23, 2015
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Jorge is kind person who is always willing to help someone else. Usually spanish and loves soccer. Plays video games most of the day and loves watching youtube.
by JduudeF12 February 17, 2016
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Jorge originally ment "loveable human being" in a secret language few people know.
A "Jorge" is a loveable human.
by apolina June 15, 2015
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An amazing person , not too sexy but very cute & an attractive guy . He's good at sex & knows how to treat his lady in and out of bed. Jorge is often an outgoing person , gets what he wants but not too shy. Jorge is a keeper
Jorge is amazing
by Saudra January 23, 2016
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