A jewel in the Caribbean
-"Let's go on a cruise around the Caribbean!"
-"I'd rather just go to Cartagena."
by aabbcc1000 February 1, 2009
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Angel Cartagena is a woman abuser has no respect for girls he does drugs and is a alcoholic. Pretends hes Jehova witness when really is a fake !
by Thugger. November 27, 2013
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An informal way to name people living in the North of Colombia.
Colombian Person. Hey! How are you, Cartagena.
by ColombianSlangs September 7, 2021
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A grisly form of death made popular by the Cartels in Cartagena by making a vertical slit in the throat, cutting the flap of skin under the tongue, then leading the tongue out of the slit in the throat and hanging the person by it.
When we found him, he was hanging from the rafters by a Cartagena Necktie.
by Johnny Crack n' Pack January 24, 2012
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