1 - A name for men's fragrance
2 - A common misspelled term via text or writing.
Marla S. - Wow, your colon smells good
Tyler D. - Marla, it's cologne. The G's silent.
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English name for the German cityln
ln is the German name for Cologne
by Janno June 10, 2005
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Just a fragrence, the rest is up to you.
Is a sentence with cologne in it necessary?
by PornSoldier December 13, 2006
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by far the dopest city in germany
damn you're from cologne? Imma suck your dick right now
by cologneisdope October 10, 2020
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n. One who because of his massive overuse of cologne is alienated by peers, friends, family, etc.
Too bad Jeff's such a cologner, he's kinda cute.
by kk shuffle December 24, 2016
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Perfume for "men"

Please note that cologne rhymes with alone.
Armstrong:Houstan we have a problem
Houstan:Copy that
Armstrong: Lance put on too much cologne again and it disabled our breathing apparatuses. We've just left him on the moon, but he's taken the keys.
Houstan:Damn Calvin Klein!
by Slatte November 22, 2006
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When a person has used so much cologne that it is offensive to others and therefore no one wants to be around them, that person is now not just lonely, but "colognely".
Lance has been very colognely lately ever since he got that new bottle of Drakkar and began bathing himself in it.
by ShorewoodScott April 28, 2018
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