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The absolute best guitar. Raspy, crunchy, bluesy, unmatched in it's ability to rock.
Clapton, Tony, Hendrix, and best of all, Angus use(d) the Gibson SG.
by Slatte November 6, 2007
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A sad parody of Pokemon, although neither of them are good. In futile attempts to capture the minds of little kids, it's corrupt otherwise successful little munchkins, although the subject matter alone will make the person with an iq greater than that of a rock laugh. A bunch of violent chiapets that temporarily evolve into barry bonds and "My little Pony" at the same time when pissed. those who watch it need to get a life, lest ur under the age of 9 (give kids a break, come on. Obviously Chris Rock, etc. are better shows, but they're just little smurf pplz, nothing else to watch). Anywho, it is a show that should be avoided at all costs. Equivilent to day-time television soap operas.
Digimon should be avoided as if it were the ebola virus
by Slatte October 28, 2006
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Proper spelling of the term coined in the movie "Kung Fu Panda". Pronounced 'wooshi'.
Incorporating a lethal pinky flex, can be used to decimate renegade kung fu masters.

See skadoosh

noob: What! *gasp* NO!

Kung Fu Master: YES!

noob: No...no, you wouldn't, not the wuxi finger hold!

KFM: Oh yes I would!

noob: You're bluf-

KFM: Skadoosh

*mushroom cloud*
by Slatte August 31, 2008
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The sharp pain in one's ear when they've drank too much carbonated liquid. usually applies to those who can't stomach their CO2
*Bob downs a Pepsi*
Bob:Aw that hits the spot.
*bob thrashed wildly and smacks his nose violently*
Bob: %#%^#%& nose burn @%^@$%^@ nose burn #&%3
Joe: oh. haha
by Slatte December 9, 2006
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Triggers the release of a deadly gas when pulled
his finger was pulled and damn it stunk. we had to get the county fumigated.
by Slatte October 28, 2006
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A chronic case of nose-picking.
We regret to inform you that your son has a severe case of pickanosis
by Slatte February 6, 2008
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