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The game by the name of Runescape is becoming ever so popular these days, but there are lots of people who chose to hate it aswell. While the controversy is heating up more and more, there might be a solution that could turn the tides. With the third generation of game consoles on the market, there are new possibilities.
Since Runescape is an MMORPG, anybody can play and everyone can play at the same time. With online play becoming the biggest thing since iPods, Runescape might just have a shot at targeting the whole community.
There are three new systems on the market, listed in order of capability and power: the sony playstation 3, the xbox 360, and the nintendo Wii. If Jagex could create a universal program that would allow a person with any of these new systems to play runescape on their system together, regardless of power(eg, xbox players can play agains/with Wii players), some interesting things might happen.
The basic idea of the theory is that the mmorpg is ported up to the more powerful consoles. This allows for a much more complex battle system, aswell as much more in depth gameplay. All complaints about the game could easily be solved with the port up.
The major complaints about the game are of the combat system or of the graphics. While grahpics could easily be achieved, a combat system would be the major part of the ugprade. Players could fight on equal grounds and not have to rely on luck or one level differences, which would bring back a lot of the quitters.
By default, rpgs are all about stat building and unlocking secrets and stories, etc. But in runescape, stat building is often halted by overcrowding, usually with one person hogging all the resources in one area. This makes leveling up almost impossible. This could easily be solved via a single player mode that is played on the console rather than a server, like any other rpg.
And the one thing that 99% of people will agree on is that once you get to higher levels, it takes impractical amounts of time to get so little experience. The best example is the mining skill. In alomst any rpg, the higher a skill is, the faster and easier you can do things, while unlocking more capabilities. In runescape, the player can be forty levels higher than the requesite level, which should normally make that skill happen very fast, but in this case, the player can wait for long periods of time for a single ore. This could also be easily solved by using personal skills involving minigames or actually using combos to gather ores faster and more practically.
Players will be able to port their original characters onto their console and manage their accounts.
Another thing that might seem totally wild, but very practical would be for runescape players to create their own runescape world by buying different pieces of environment for different amounts of money.
All of this is hypothetical and theorized, but could be put into effect with some persuasion of jagex hasn't already thought of it already.
The Runescape Chaos Theory could be the next biggest thing since the wheel.
by Slatte October 2, 2006
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Originating from Kung Fu Panda, skadoosh is a phrase with similar meaning to the Terminator's "hasta la vista". Spoken right before the Wuxi Finger Hold is fully executed, thus, before a moment of much ass kicking.
(during Wuxi finger hold)

Victim: Nooooo

Badass: Skadoosh

*mushroom cloud*
by Slatte August 31, 2008
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This company started out with the best stuff. the NES, and then the SNES, were among the best. However, since the competition from companies such as Sony and Microsoft, they have not been faring so well.
At the turn of the 2nd generation of videogaming, it was seen that games were converting from cartridges to dics, and that the dataspace available would be remarkably higher in comparison to the previous generation. With this came potential for extremely advanced graphics (compared to the 8bit days of yore) online capabilities, more advanced gameplay, and not to mention longer games. But...
Nintendo came in "last place" in the second generation console war for a few reasons: The concept of more realistic graphics appealed to many and was a new hype, and Nintendo's Gamecube did not have the capacity to play games with this level, nor did its discs. Its controller was also a turn off to the crowds, and the more dynamic controllers of the Xbox and the PS2 won over. Also, the revolutionary online techniques and community of Mircosoft was not to be outdone by anybody, and the Nintendo lost even more ground.
Nintendo also had another problem, aside from hardware issues. It's games. The concepts of the games were immediately aged, and Mario, Zelda, Kirby, and the like were all covered with a layer of dust. Brand new series and game makers were sucked in to the advanced systems and made most of the successful market of games. Games such as the Halo series, Devil May Cry, Metal Gear Solid, Jax & Daxter, and many more were a new sight for everybody. The old games were not able to shine because most people were thinking "been there done that" and Nintendo's newer versions of previous titles were left in the dust. Then they had a second shot in the 3rd generation...
The Nintendo Wii was the cheapest system at launch and had brought back an old trick-motion sensing. Althought thie was originally developed by Sony, Nintendo claimed it was revolutionary. This worked for several reasons: Most of the gaming market is made up of minors, (under 18), and most had not heard of the old controller from Pelican for the PS1. As for those who did know, you could say that nobody bothered with a publicly announced lawsuit (up till December 2006, as that was when this review was written). Now once again, the concept of gaming graphics displayed in 1080p (the best for the 3rd gen on PS3), many people dreamt of that quality of gaming. However, Nintendo was (once again) not concerned with graphics. Their motion sensing controller appealed more to kids who didn't care about HD, and it was artificially "new". there was also another reason it succeeded at the start: it's price. With the cost of the Wii starting at around $250, it was by far the cheapest console, with the twist of a motion sensing controller. However...
The PS3 was the most saught after, seeing as people lined up for up to a week to get it, and all sold out almost immdetiately. The Xbox 360 had come out a year before and had a headstart, but the Wii was hot on it's heals. However, this is mostly because of the controller concepts and low cost. It's not all fun and games for the Wii buyers. Their controller relied mostly upon motion sensing, and had very few buttons. this was great for things such as sword fighting, bowling, and other stationary activities, but it greatly limited the rest of the functions. FPS, RPG and some other genres that involved platforming were restricted and were extremely hard to incorperate with the Wii controller. It also limited those who did not want to have to rely on physical accuracy to beat games or even play them.
Nintendo will have to improve their graphics, get new games, improve their game quantities, get a legit online community, and make a dynamic controller to win the 4th gen...if they can.
Nintendo was doing great until graphics and game content became an issue
by Slatte December 14, 2006
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The best fitting name for a Gamecube. Nicknamed by PS2 and Xbox followers, it compiles all of the Gamecube's capabilities into a neat nickname. It gained it's nickname because Nintendo markets its products to lots of kids or people who can' go the extra mile for a game system.
The lamecube is inferior to the PS2 and Xbox in: grahpics, controller sceme, lacks a DVD player, not backwards compatable, has no online. Most game developers have realized Nintendo's patters and are switching over to superior consoles, and thus giving the Lamecube a lack of many respectful games. If anybody takes an unbiased look at the three 2nd generation consoles, then the 3rd gen and so on, Nintendo is always far behind, but sells their products very cheaply, so unfortunately there will be no end to the poor hardware industry.
The lamecube got it's ass whooped in the 2nd generation show-down.
by Slatte December 13, 2006
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The website you can become a part of if you wish to be abducted from your house by a freak you thought was your "buddy".
Did you hear that loser got killed?
yeah, he posted his social security number, adress and shoe size on myspace.
Figures. He was never too bright to begin with
by Slatte December 9, 2006
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A very random insult that will make everybody laugh at said insulted person for absolutely no apparent reason whatsoever. It it not know why this happens, and people are still trying to figure out why. It is mostly directed at random people or a person who is disagreeing with you. Does not work in chat unless you are under 12 or so.
Bob:I don't think so.
Joe:Come on, it should be fun!
Bob:I really don't think so. . .
Joe:Stop being a sandwich.
Bob:. . .


Bob:You sandwich! WTF
Random Person:Come again?
Bob:You heard me, stop being a sandwich damnit!!!
Random Person:I'm sorry, what is a sandwich?

Crowd leaves after a while and the random person has an odd story to tell for the rest of his life.
by Slatte September 14, 2006
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