Doing lines or bumps of coke and ketamine at the same time
user1: Who wants to Calvin Klein?!
user2: I do, I do!!!
user3: You betta werk bitch! CK'ing is fierce!!
by CA dream'in August 2, 2006
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Using both cocaine and ketamine (CK) in the same night to experience a euphoric high similar to molly.
Am: “are we Calvin Klein-ing at this party tonight??”
Ry: “yessir, just got some Klein earlier”
by Sailboatking September 29, 2018
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Hey dude! Look at the Calvin Klein over there. -Bro, that’s a dude with a beer belly. -No, I swear it’s a pregnant man bro!
by ChrisTheBoss May 21, 2022
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What you wear when you can't afford Ralph Lauren and/or when you're waging a war on society and decide that you're not going to join in with the mainstream fuckbois.
Dude: "Yo man what's up with the Calvin Klein? WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR POLOS SON??"

Friend: "Man fuck Polos, I'm done with that shit. FUCK SOCIETY."

Dude: "You're broke aren't you?"

Friend: "..Maybe."

booty ralph lauren
by jeremyrepublic March 3, 2016
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When you’re not quite Gucci, but you’re getting there.
Friend: We Gucci? Me: We’re Calvin Klein.
by KarGuy November 12, 2020
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the type of underwear every lil fuck boy wears a little higher than their pants so when they take off their shirt everyone can see the brand of underwear there wearing.
Tom; "did you see that fight between alex and john???"
Mark; "yup sure did"
Tom; "did u see when alex took off his shirt?"
Mark; "ugh that lil fuck boy?"
Tom; "why is he a fuck boy?'
Mark did you what underwear he was wearing?"
Tom; no why?
Mark; he was wearing calvin klein"
Tom; "ooooh fuck alex!, that lil fuck boy"
Mark; "fuck that lil fuck boy"
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A very attractive guy w ho gives girls fanny flutters and is 100% daddy material
by Timothy green July 4, 2019
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