1. The result of a disastrous collapse

2. An overwhelming mess
1. The surrounding area was put off limits by police because of the roof's collapsion after a heavy snow.

2. My house is a total collapsion, so I'm cleaning before my mother arrives.
by Daniel Lucy October 3, 2006
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To fall, especially something that was once sturdy.
DM: Hey, that building collapsed!

OOTTGHOOG: Like your hopes of getting a date?

DM: Yes.
by Diggity Monkeez January 29, 2005
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the act of laughing so furiously that one loses control of onesself and "collapses" to the ground laughing crazily.
"im bored, go collapse."
"go drive around and look for chuckys to collapse at."
by jwu February 9, 2004
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"When all governments fall. Failure of this system. Total chaos and war unleashed from specific groups around the country"

A new beginning, WES,NS
John, Bro I cant wait for this shit to collapse. Andrew, Yeah cant wait to SIEGE this!! -Read SIEGE by James Mason
by SIEGEster June 16, 2019
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A one-word description of the Yankees during the 2004 American League Championship Series.
Having been just three outs away from sweeping the Red Sox out of the ALCS and going on to lose the series four games later was the biggest collapse in Major League Baseball post-season history.
by Nick Weiner May 11, 2008
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Noun: the act of collapsing
The cello cases suffered from serious collapsion after the players took their instruments.
by asdfdictionary October 21, 2014
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A medical term used to define the distention of a foot.
This patient needs an orthotic and has a collapsation of the foot.
by Podiatrist August 15, 2019
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