Ruined by the DH its now an embarrassment to baseball. A place that was so sad in the 70's they needed a way to boost ratings and since the greedy players union bureaucrats are money hungry, its a way to keep aging gimpy non gloving sluggers on the payroll.

The worst part about it is the lame ass excuses people use to defend this inferior league.

"The pitcher should focus only on Pitching" No jack ass, 9 players on the field = same 9 in the batting order.

"They suck at batting anyway, its a wasted spot" No Douche, it removes a major strategic element of the game. In the National League, managers are frequently faced with the need to decide whether it is more important to pinch hit a better batter for the pitcher when the pitcher's at bat comes at a crucial point in the game. If the pitcher is doing well or if there are few good pitchers available, this essentially becomes a trade of offensive production at the expense of defense!

"Well the AL has more WS rings than NL" OK Fagwad, take away 10 of the Yankees 27 rings and its the other way around, not everyone can have an all star team every year.
"Hey bro do you want to go to a Yankees, Angels, or Tigers Game?"

First off dipshit, dont call me Bro if you call that American League bullshit baseball, and 2nd, hell no, Im goin to watch Larussa and the Cards, Torre and Dodgers and Charlie Manuel and the Phils play a classic, strategic game of REAL BASEBALL!!!

oh ok, Ill go watch curling then, cuz Im a tool, and thats what tools do
by Danny boy in LA March 17, 2010
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The american chinegres baseball league was founded in 1932 by Bing Bong Pong Abdul Jabar. The league was a professional baseball league for Chinese-African American players. This league was used to get Chinese-African Americans in to pro leagues during racist Jim Crow laws. The league was later disbanded in 1936 due to lack of enough Chinese-African Americans. During these times Chinese and Africans weren't allowed to legally be married until 1948.
Jackie Chan was is the all time hit leader in the american chinegres baseball league.
by PhillipD33zNutZ May 18, 2019
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