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It is being cornered and/or blocked in by a male (and possibly his male friend) at a bar or club or anywhere and you can't get away from him no matter what you say while trying to be polite and no matter how hard you try to make an exit, he won't let you. He stands in front of you while you're sitting at the bar scoping the room. When you go to the ladies room, he is waiting outside the door. Wherever you go he is there.
I tried to leave the bar the other night but this guy would not leave me alone. He kept talking and talking and wouldn't shut up. I got up to go to the ladies room and he followed me. When I wanted to step outside he walked with me. When I went to leave the bar he wanted to walk me out to my car. Then he wanted to follow me home acting as if he was worried if I could drive. All night, he had me cocked in!
by Cherie Live October 06, 2013
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When you are at a bar and dudes sit on either side of you and you are blocked in (from pussy). Or "cocked in"
Damnit, came to this bar to get some pussy and got "cocked in" by these god damn cocks
by CockedinATL April 03, 2014
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