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Im gonna go out tonight, get zunked, get a donair.
by mega b February 08, 2015
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zunk can mean 1 of 5 things.
1. prepared for a zombie attack (zunked)
2. to go zombie killing (zunking)
3. an obbsession with zombies (zunk)
4. a combination of heavy metal with funk (zunk)
5. a band that does not limit themselve to one genre. rather, they cover all different styles of a class. zunk rock may include anything from early classic rock to heavy metal to industrial.
1. dude, im so phunking zunked for a zombie outbreak!
2. wait guys, we better make a plan before we go zunking.
3. man, tom talks about zombies so much he's unk!
4. dude, that rob zombie song Brick House is phunking zunk!
5. ahh man, General Rock is so awesome! they're a really cool zunk band.
by caleb von sexy pants December 22, 2006
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(lit) To penetrate, in common usage it means to be exploited, ripped off, ... See also shafted (UK), screwed (US)
I just got totally zunked by the insurance company.
by Geoff Grahame January 08, 2006
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