When an attractive lady is in the general vicinity and it must to be announced, while maintaining anonymity.
A hot blonde young tender wearing spanx just walked by and she looks so fine. Hey Erik, don't look now, Machu Picchu...
by renndog May 19, 2013
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When you are having anal sex with a Peruvian woman without giving her a proper cleaning prior; when you pull out she has major colon blow all over your Johnson.
Last night I was banging Guadalupe and she had a Machu Picchu Mudslide all over the place.....It was nasty.
by sewer_brain_69 January 27, 2010
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A. A mindset of a better place that can be obtained anywhere

B. A place where all friends go in the after life that represents everything they dreamed of as a young kid.

C. Used to describe a great act of kindness.
D. Used to describe an exciting moment among ones you love.
A. “Man once we get of this town we can find our Machu Picchu”

B. “He may have passed away, but I know we’ll meet in Machu Picchu and smoke one
C. *person gives to helpless person in need* man to the helper “that was as Machu Picchu as it gets”
D. As all the good ole boys cheers their beverages they shout “Machu Picchu” out of sheer joy
by Sausagegang September 16, 2021
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