Most lit people you'll ever meet . Peruvians are cool af and they sure know how to throw parties and dance to salsa, merengue, huayno, bachata, festejo,and so many more type of dances. They're known as the most loyal fans when it comes to national soccer games. If they win or loose , they will still be proud af to be Peruvian. If you've never met a Peruvian in yo life ... wateryoudoing !? Some Peruvian girls are hot like a Peruvian puff pepper but sadly some look like potatoes. Don't date a guy from El Callao because they're mas achorados que la ptm. If you loose a Peruvian friend in yo life please accept a huge L .
Mexicans: " how many world cups have y'all won?"
Peruvians: "how bitchy can someone be?!"
Mexicans: " that's what I thought"
Peruvians: " that 7-0 tho" *drops mic*
Mexicans: *cries in Spanish*
by Mas peruana que la csm February 6, 2017
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-multi ethnic country.
-People of asian descent-yes some of us look asian simple because asians were the first ancestors in Peru before the Inca Empire. and that is true. we cant deny it. so dont be surprise if you see asians speaking sanish.

-Also afro peruvians arab peruvians meztizo -native peruvian and asian peruvian are part of our multi ethnic society.
-the words "cholo" "chino" "oe negro.." are very common between us and we do not get offende it unless ur not one of ours friends !!
Peruvian gastronomy is one of the best in the world. (officially)
-inka kola is the official peruvian drink.
-Pisco sour is peruvian.
-Lima is also know as the city of kings.
-Perus macchu Pichu is one the 7 wonders of the world

-soccer is very important to most peruvian- well everyone loves soccer in Peru
-surfin skateboarding are also very common activities in lima
canela = woww this is such a beautifil place

ana = yea macchu picchu its a magic place !!!
canela = yea it is !! I LOVE PERU !=

canela = oh woww look at that ..peruvian ginea pigs

ana = awww they are adorable...sooo cute
by hoisi May 25, 2009
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A guy/chick from Peru.

Do not think Peru and Mexico are similar. They are not!!! Their culture and everything is really different.
American 1: Hey dude that guy is hispanic.

American 2: Yeah he is Mexican.

American 1: He has a cool hat.

American 2: Wait... He doesnt have a mustage, he is not Mexican... Oh sht! He has a badass Peruvian Hat!!! He must be Peruvian

American 1: Im going to buy one of those.

*Peruvian comes*

Peruvian : You can have my hat bro.

American 2: Thanks dude. I will visit Machu Picchu next year.

Peruvian: You need to try our Pisco Sour.
by Some guy somewhere July 23, 2008
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"That hat is so Peruvian!"

"You look very Peruvian today."
by schra December 16, 2008
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A good looking person who was born in Peru. They have a great sense of humor. A peruvian is usually very smiley and attractive for their unic castilian accent. A peruvian person is always polite and probably considered the most friendly people of South America.

Peru is one of the most multiethnic contries. There are mestizos peruvians(about 37% of the total population).
The term traditionally denotes European ancestry (mostly spaniard or Italian ancestry)and Amerindian, and most Peruvian mestizos are of this combination, but other lineages (Asian and African) are also present.
X: dude that girl has a hot accent and an amazing smile
y: yeah she is peruvian
by perulover March 19, 2009
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Peruvian: Person coming from Peru ( country in south america bordering with Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, and the Pacific Ocean). Peruvians r very cool people. No we r not mexicans obviously, and neither do we look chinese although u can find some chinese people in Perus capital city Lima, as well as people from a variety of backgrounds. in a few words w r the coolest ppl in South America. One more thing we r not the ones known for cocaine ( thats Colombia).
Peruvian: Hola chochera( slang for friend)en q t puedo ayudar.
American: Vendeme un kilo de Coca
Peruvian: Te equivocaste causa ( another slang word for friend) Colombia ta al costado.
by PeruvianPrince March 31, 2009
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A person born in the beautiful country of Peru, hard-working, fun to be with, great cooks, awesome dancers,warm-hearted, they love to joke and make people feel good , very friendly some are quite stubborn though but manageable...tanned,they aren't neither chinese nor Phillipino like .. they are a mix of several cultures and backgrounds black, spanish, european,etc each with an attractive feature which makes them so unique. There are blonde Peruvians, black Peruvian, brunnettes, green-eyed,blue-eyed,black-eyed..I LOVE PERU!! for those gawjus ladies and great cuisine, their music is all art, they should be proud of everything that means and is Peruvian... Period.
Peruvian to Foreigner: Necesita ayuda amigo?
Foreigner: Yes please, Where can I find...?
Peruvian:AHH Here!Aqui!( Showing him where the Pisco is sold) Pisco: Peruvian alcoholic beverage made of grapes.
by PSPS December 28, 2007
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