A particularly vicious punch to the gut, as effective on pregnant women as a coathanger abortion.
My girlfriend told me she was pregnant the other day, so I gave her the ol' coathanger.

I got into a fight last night, I got coathangered and spent the next 10 minutes coughing up blood.
by Fluffyudders February 15, 2019
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Code word amongst men of secretly saying to abort the mission or to leave a bad situation.
" Bro that girl is a coatHanger."
"My Brybear , you need to coathang that hoe"
"Pull that coathanger"
by CoatHangerBoyz October 18, 2013
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Thanks to George W Bush's abstinence-only sex education, coathanger stocks have risen significantly.
by BeanSpleen February 3, 2005
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what my tv arial currently is
i used my only coathanger to watch tv. now all my clothes hang on chairs
by i want my face to be blurred January 7, 2007
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A physically insignificant male. One who is just man enough to hold up a coat and occasionally open a car door, but who will inevitably find himself folded up in a trash can somewhere.
Stacy - "Hi Steve, it's good to see you, you look amazing!"

Steve - "It's great to see you! I'm sorry to hear about you and Mark, but I see you've started dating again. Who's the coathanger?"

Stacy - "Oh, just some fuddy-duddy I picked up along the way. He's actually my tax man. Honestly I don't even know why I am dating him, I guess I am just easing myself back into the dating world"
by Ruhbee! March 10, 2008
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The state in which one finds oneself when given cause to grin so widely as to appear as though one has swallowed a wire metal coathanger.
When I saw her smile it utterly coathangered me.
by Wallaroo January 21, 2010
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