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A social meal enjoyed in the middle of the night. Less formal than a regular dinner, yet more sexually productive than a mid-day lunch, the midnight lunch makes for the perfect compromise offered to a booty-call desiring a meal and a public appearance, yet not deserving of prime-time pricing.

Since most fine restaurants are closed at this time, one can get away with treating their date to an economical meal at Denny's or a taco shop while appearing to be the victim of circumstance, rather than just cheap.
"Hey Steve, Boquisha was telling her girls you two went out on a date last Tuesday, is that true?"

"Hardly, she came over and we went in the jacuzzi and did our thing. I got hungry after so I decided to treat her to a midnight lunch at Bennigans."
- Steve


"Hey baby, I saw you were online, thought you might be up for a little swim and a midnight lunch..."

"Sounds good, I love Denny's ranch dressing, do you have a wifebeater I can borrow? I lost my swimsuit.."
by Ruhbee! November 13, 2007
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A shy and feminine gay man, truly submissive in nature.
Although Mr. Whispers' dreams were never heard, they were seen in his whistful wet eyes.
by Ruhbee! August 09, 2006
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An affair with a predetermined beginning and end, allowing a couple to grow as close as they want to during the affair without complicating their lives after the predetermined end.

The term was coined after the character Mitch Buchannon of the TV show Baywatch. Mitch needed to be presented as a romantic heartthrob capable of love, but one who, in order to keep the show interesting, could never be tied down. This forced writers to send all of his loves off to the other side of the world, whether for scientific research, caring for a dying parent or to "find themselves".

This allowed Mitch's heirum to transcend the superficial booty-call status but fall just short of marriage and permanence.
E- "Wow, Steve, do you have a girlfriend now?"

S- "No Eric, Why?"

E- "Who was that girl you were with the other night? You two looked like newlyweds, and you seemed so much more than eachother's bootycall"

S- "Oh, that was my Buchannon affair, Nikita. She has some important job in Russia and comes here for a few weeks once a year for recertification or something. Since we already know when she's leaving, it allows us to be as close as we want without worrying about anything too long term.

E- "Oh, like Mitch Buchannon, I get it..."
by Ruhbee! October 16, 2007
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A controversial and failing attempt to euphemize an identity phrase for Black Americans. Unfortunately for the phrase's potential to be literally correct, all humans came from Africa at one time, therefore all people, regardless of breed, color, ethnicity or however one may choose to categorize them, are of African descent. Another problem the more-educated population has with the phrase is that the quickest way to know which specific type of African American one is referring to is to look at their skin. This takes the subject of conversation back to black, eliminating the function of the euphemistic-intentioned phrase. Due to it's failure to positively convey the identity of the Black American without error, the phrase has evolved into a dysphemism and is often spoken between air quotes.
Correct: Aboriginal Australians are black, and many of African emmigrants are black, but African Americans range in color as far as human potential has seen.

Incorrect: Jesse Jackson is an African American but Richard Nixon is not.
by Ruhbee! April 24, 2007
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One who does not believe in Google.
Jesus's family computer died in a fire in 1998 and with it his faith. He argues absence of evidence is evidence of absence and considers himself a strong agooglist.
by Ruhbee! October 13, 2007
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One who believes there is not enough evidence to neither prove nor disprove the existance of Google.
Terrance, a chronic fence-sitter in all public debates, is a great businessman who avoids controversy by finding and massaging the common bone in everyone he meets. It is unclear what is at the center of his scientific compass, but when asked his position on Google, he replied he was agoognostic.
by Ruhbee! October 13, 2007
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A physically insignificant male. One who is just man enough to hold up a coat and occasionally open a car door, but who will inevitably find himself folded up in a trash can somewhere.
Stacy - "Hi Steve, it's good to see you, you look amazing!"

Steve - "It's great to see you! I'm sorry to hear about you and Mark, but I see you've started dating again. Who's the coathanger?"

Stacy - "Oh, just some fuddy-duddy I picked up along the way. He's actually my tax man. Honestly I don't even know why I am dating him, I guess I am just easing myself back into the dating world"
by Ruhbee! March 10, 2008
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