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Inserting a coathanger with the curved hook as far into the vagina as it will go. Pierce the fetal sac with the hook and voila, you have an abortion.
Brie Ann couldn't very well win the Miss Nude Beach Contest showing three months, so Tyrone flattened her stomach with a coathanger abortion.
by Richard Black May 21, 2005
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The cheapest and most effective way to not have a baby. You can trust me, I'm a doctor.
-Did you help heather with that coat hanger abortion last week?
-Chyea, it was just like making scrambled eggs!
-Gnar chill brah!
by Dr. Oz February 20, 2009
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something going so wrong it can only be described as such
The doctor cut an artery during my vascetomy surgery...what a coat hanger abortion that was.
by Byrddoggg September 21, 2006
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a) to give birth in a horribly messy way
b) to do anything in a horribly messy way
c) an insult to someone without a mother
a) I was a coathanger abortion
b) You're dirtier than a coathanger abortion
c) "Get off my fucking property, you coathanger abortion!"
by MarkWatson January 05, 2006
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