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Unusual fear of long-term, age-appropriate commitment resulting in a lifetime of brief romantic dalliances with SIGNIFICANTLY younger women.

Symptoms include: heart tension, hyperventilation, tourettes, raised body temperature, excessive horniess.

NB: Sufferers are also reported to be most satisfied with their lifestyle choice.
While out in a club a young lady takes your fancy. Being the embodiment of cool, sophisticated charm you swiftly get the attention of your friend to convey what your keen eye has just observed.

"FAAAAAAAACCKKK! T*ts on her!! I'm Clooneying pretty hard here!!!!"
by GorgeousGeorge April 09, 2013
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Trying to advance/escalate an affair or physical relationship by recklessly showing up unannounced at the home of the object of your lust that you've decided is something more. (As with George Clooney's character from Up in the Air.)
"I have a blast with him, but his messages lately have me worrying that I might be in for a clooneying."

"Look, I like you, but DO NOT clooney me and blow up my life."
by RyanBingham February 18, 2013
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